3 Reasons why Nepal Police s*cks with Technology

We all have faced traffic polices in Kathmandu. Sometimes we are drunk otherwise we are good. But everytime we have been disappointed badly by how traffic police is using technology

The Alcohol Test

Only if you are lucky enough you get to witness the proper brethaliser and a fresh mouth piece to test your alcohol level. Otherwise, you will have to use a mouth piece used and tested on many other people. Whereas, if you are really unlucky you will be tested upon by a policeman approaching you uncomfortably close enough to your mouth. Therefore, smelling any resudal of alcohol if present. Somebody should teach right method and technology to test elcohol in breathe.

The DIGITAL License

If you are one of the rare and lucky person you should have a “So called” Digital License in your possession. Otherwise, we are pretty sure you are holding a piece of pink paper mentioning that you own a license. Department of Transport Management has failed time and again in delivering the so called digital license to the people. However, it is obivious that DOTM comes forward with a new excuse and promise to deliver the digital license. While rest of the world has already 3D Printed human organs Nepal Police and Nepal government has failed badly in printing a piece of paper called as license.

The Website of Nepal Police

After you look at the website of Nepal Polcie it becomes evident that Nepal police is living in 2000s whereas rest of the world has moved to 2020. Go to Statistics of Nepal Police where you will see screenshots of excel forced into the HTML tags. No filters, No API, No export features etc just proove that Nepal Police is still struggling to understand what technology means. Take this facebook post for example, while rest of the world is woried about GDPR on how to protect individual identity, Nepal police shares three generation of individuals right on facebook. Whereas, if you are bothered by the waving flag, we have already posted a article on that.

What else do you find Funny, specially when it comes to technolgy and the Nepal Police. Let us know, in the comments.

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