5G Spreads Corona Virus. What is the real story?

As soon as you open the news channel on the television you will hear all the horrifying statistics of the COVID-19. However, along with these reports, you will also hear a lot of doubtful news about it. 

Indian news channels are known for their aggressive environment and exaggerated news. Especially on social media, there have always been crazy myths and rumors spread daily. There was even a meme asking everyone to wear a mask on their ears to protect themselves from fake news. 

Fake news can have a serious after-effect especially if it reaches a wide target. That is why it is very important for us to not believe whatever we see without any deep research. One such globally spread topic was 5G spreads corona.

5G spreads Corona?

This puzzling, almost laughable conspiracy theory was a trending topic in social media lately. Some people received WhatsApp messages warning that the rise of the coronavirus is due to the 5G networks.

There seem to have been two parts to this theory. One believes that 5G networks aids in the spread of the virus. Whereas the other one thinks the entire pandemic was a cover-up to set up 5G towers. Both, getting horribly wrong by order. 

People believe that radiation from 5G towers weakens the immune system. Thus it makes people more vulnerable to the virus.

Supporters try to reason out by stating that countries with 5G deployment like China, Korea, and Italy had become epicenters of the virus. 

This particular conspiracy theory has not been just news passed around lightly. But it spread very quickly globally, and unfortunately, many people believed it. 

Now this follows with many unwanted events by people accepting such a conspiracy theory. For example, as reported by BBC, people have set masts used for networking on fire in Birmingham, Liverpool, and Melling in Merseyside. 

People had been protesting it since 2020 with many protests seen in Australia, UK, and New Zealand. This way, a conspiracy theory without any scientific evidence can lead to events like arsonists and unnecessarily crowded protests during the spread of the virus. 

Now, India and Nepal have also been under attack by this conspiracy theory. As India also started setting up 5G their cases are rising rapidly as known. People believe that since the preparations for 5G are ongoing in Nepal a steady rise is being seen. 

What is the actual truth?

Many health agencies and scientists have reported that these claims are fake. The 5G network and the Coronavirus are not at all related even remotely. 

Although 5G towers and networks do emit radiations, they are harmless to the human body as they have gone through testing before establishing.

NSWHealth has posted on Twitter clearing that COVID-19 does not spread via mobile networks or wireless technologies.

Dr. Simon Clarke, associate professor in cellular microbiology at the University of Reading. He adds that Radio waves can disrupt your physiology by increasing the heat in your body. But the energy levels from 5G radio waves are tiny and can nowhere near strong enough to affect the immune system.

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There are even more similar conspiracy theories that people accept and cause major damage like a risk to the health.

In the USA many people are “anti-vaxxers” and refuse to get vaccinated. Again there are some wild theories related to this. They fear that vaccines are a way for the government to inject chips into them or other ways to track them. Straight out of a sci-fi book. 

The most dangerous part of these kinds of ridiculous conspiracies is that they pose a threat to other people, to children and adults who can not get the vaccines. 

There were also many viral videos seen on social media at the beginning of the pandemic where people were refusing to wear masks. A more concerning after-effect is that these adults risk their children’s lives too by not vaccinating them or letting them wear a mask. 

These conspiracies could arise from simple boredom, trolling, or creating a cult. Some people do minimal research and scare themselves as well as others. 

Conspiracy theories are usually harmless for the majority and mystery. For example, the drowned city of Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, and many more found on youtube. 

However, conspiracy theories related to such sensitive matters like 5G spreads corona should not be easily accepted. It scares people away from technology and medicine. 

COVID vaccines are the advanced technology of today that is saving mankind. 5G is also an emerging technology and instead of applause it services opening up in Nepal and India people are protesting and scared by it. 

Fake news is dangerous, and people need to accept things they see on the internet only after strong evidence and research.

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