A day without technology. Can we survive?

As the years pass by and more complex technology develops, we humans are being increasingly dependent on technology. We are constantly being surrounded by technology of all kinds and it seems unbelievable that there were days where absolutely no technology was available. 

At a time like this, can we even go by living a single day without technology? The answer seems obvious and here is why.

Technology in a day

Starting a day off without technology, you would most likely wake up late because your alarm clock on your phone will not exist. But then again you won’t realize this until you wake up and look at the clock on the wall not on your mobile phone by your bedside.

You go for breakfast, but your milk is spoiled because the refrigerator does not work, and you have to settle for soft bread since the toaster is not there. 

Now, the hardest part of this challenge, how will you reach your office/school/workspace? You will have to walk! 

After the tiresome walk, you are most definitely late. You get to your office and how will you photocopy all the documents? How will you send emails holding crucial information? How will you google anything you have confusion about? So, how will you do anything at all??? Your lunch will be whatever that is not spoilt and does not need a microwave. You will have to walk back home after the disastrous day at work.

For a break you want to watch some TV, well the TV does not exist either! You try to order takeout but where is your mobile? And most importantly, no INTERNET!

The way technology has spread and latched onto every sector of our life is quite an evolution. There is no going back now, but there is no need to either. Technology has been a boon for all and makes things thought impossible, not just achievable too but within a few simple clicks. 

Living without any kind of technology for an entire day is too difficult. We have been too exposed and used to it. If not technology, can we spend a day without the Internet?

Internet in a day

Since we most probably can’t live a day without technology maybe we can go by without one of its greatest inventions, the internet? 

The Internet is one of the highly used sectors under technology and it is also, everywhere around us.

The Internet houses solutions to every part of our lives. However, relatively, this is an easier challenge than trying to completely block out the technology. 

Going without the Internet for a day might render most of our digital gadgets useless. Our mobile phones without any social media apps, music apps, and mailing apps kind of lose a lot of their function. 

If you try to watch television instead, set-top boxes function under the Internet too, so you can not escape to television either. 

This may help some people be more active and productive. Yet there are a lot of people who will not be able to do so. The Internet is not solely for entertainment purposes. A lot of office work and education will also be halted with the Internet. 

This will really help us realize just how much we rely on the Internet. Although there are some things which we just have to rely on the Internet like online classes and mails. 

Children are constantly playing video games or on youtube. Adults too if not working can be found stalking people on Facebook and playing games like “Marriage” or “Candy Crush”. As soon as we open our eyes we get on our mobile phones, and it is also the last thing we see before going to bed.

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There are actually many YouTubers who have tried this challenge and record themselves doing so. They try going 24 hours without the internet or gadgets. Some go crazy whereas some get a chance to relax and take a break from all this overwhelming technology.

Taking a break from gadgets or at least the Internet is a great idea. But we have come too far to take a break from technology without having a crisis. Yet taking a break from all these gadgets will be a breath of relief. Families should set a day, especially during this lockdown to take a break. It will be a fun challenge for everyone and more family quality time will be ensured. During this lockdown period, we feel imprisoned within our homes but we should ensure we do not become imprisoned within screens too! 

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