Asgar Ali Breaches into

Have we learnt the lesson yet?

Technology Community has witnessed three major criminal offenses by the so-called leaders of the community. The first offense was the tax fraud was revealed in Tootle. At that time the community desperately lobbied to protect Tootle and its founder Sixit Bhatta from the allegations. They were successful. Second, when there was a data leak in foodmandu, the community showcased the same old “we are with foodmandu” rant. And recently with Asgar Ali.

Asgar Ali is the former CEO, now a director of eSewa Fonepay Pvt. Ltd and IT Advisor to the PM. He is alleged of unethically accessing and deleting posts from a public website. And our technology community is in pin-drop-silent. The author of this article was rather expecting a “We are with esewa” rant, but to my surprise, that was not the case.

Technology Community and Leaders has time and again failed by protecting criminals and alleged criminals. Instead of voicing for the consumer and raising on behalf of the technology communities & leaders have not duly fulfilled their duty.

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On behalf of Asgar Ali F1 Soft, the Holding company of Shiran Technologies and eSewa has issued a press release. They have tried to clarify how miscommunication has lead to unethically accessing the site and deleting it. From Tech In Himalaya, we want to take a moment to say “BullShit!”. As a technology company and service provider, we all understand how sensitive is it to unethically access customer data and delete them. Anyone working in a technology company knows this by heart. How Bishwas Dhakal and Asgar Ali tried to protect the company by putting the blame on miscommunication and a poor staff is heartbreaking.

Journalist association has demanded an investigation of the issue. Questions are being raised on F1 soft, its banking software across major banking and financial institutions. And most importantly upon E-sewa. People have started voicing for boycotting Esewa.

After this, the public trust against esewa is declining and fear against breach of financial data is inclining. Now it is for us to wait and see how PM and their office attempt on settling this case down.

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