Battle of Digital Wallets in Nepal. Which is the best?

Digital Wallets seem to be a growing trend in Nepal currently. After eSewa introduced the first digital transaction interface in Nepal, many followed it very soon after its success. At a time where everything seems to be digitized and depending on the internet, how helpful are these wallets? And most importantly which one is the best?

What is a digital wallet?

Although it’s pretty self-explanatory, digital wallets are a software-based system or application that can store users’ payment information and passwords to allow transactions digitally. These applications use mobile money and constantly try to make payments easier. They are basically prepaid accounts users can shop from. For example, they can complete transactions through QR Codes too!

Let us see why we need these wallets in the first place before deciding which is best.

Why digital wallets?

These digital wallets must have been this popular for some reason right?

Ease and Convenience

Digital wallets are highly efficient and convenient. Mobile phones are something that is always on you, people may forget their keys or wallets but highly unlikely to forget their phones. People do not have to carry around physical cash with them and this is helpful in small or larger amounts. You also do not have to fill in your card details but instead a few clicks.


 E-wallets are more secure than some people may assume. They use encrypted technology to keep your transactions and information safe. They also have biometric authentication, OTP verification protecting them. Unlike credit cards and cash which once stolen is very easy to manipulate

User friendly

Digital wallets perform a very nice way of neatly displaying and carrying out all the actions. They are very easy to use and so easy which is why people prefer to use them. Just a quick QR scan and a couple of clicks are all it takes for you to process out any kinds of payments.


This is one of the major reasons why so many people have started using digital wallets. In the beginning, people got the idea that these digital wallets will only be used in highly selective places with proper internet and technology. But actually, we can find them everywhere. Whether it’s grocery shopping at BigMart or eating out at a restaurant. Most Kirana shops also have them now! Besides, there is some kind of discount offers related to digital wallets. This also shows us how our county has been advancing towards digitization. 

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Which digital wallet?

Finally, we get to the hard question, which digital wallet is the best? To answer this here are some of the top digital wallets and their features. 


Starting with the first digital transaction app only makes sense. eSewa was the first interface regarding online payments in Nepal. It was quick to be trending and in use by the youth as well as adults. It gained 1 million-plus download! One of its features which attracted most of this attention was the ease it provided in paying our daily bills of water, electricity, etc. 

Transferring funds is very smooth in eSewa as it caters to many banks and it also has a Scanning option via QR.



Khalti was launched in 2017 and has been very quick in gaining popularity. It also provides a service to pay utility bills, in addition to insurance, internet, and more.

It also offers a 4 digit pin for your wallet and every transaction. They also have exciting rewards and cashback offers. Khalti also has a ranging e-Banking Partners, which makes it flexible for users. They also have an impressive “Smart Chhori” program where they aim to encourage girls in the sector of finance through online in-app training about digital wallets, bank accounts opening, online security, and more.



IME Pay is the product of IME Remittance and has gained very quick growth. One of the reasons for its quick fame was its marketing and promos. They can be seen as a sponsor in many projects. They have sponsored reality tv shows, billboards, and local football clubs.

Like the previous wallets, it also provides the basic, utility bills payment, but what makes it special is getting remittance direct in the app. Other than that IME Pay is coming with various offers lately.

ime pay

Prabhu Pay

Prabhu Pay is one of the products of Prabhu Group and has gained more than a hundred thousand downloads. It also provides all the usual bill payments services to its users. Its special features include Hospital OPD ticketing, flight and bus ticketing. They also have an Online Medical Equipment store medical supplies are available.

prabhu pay

Namaste Pay 

Namaste Pay by Nepal Telecom is currently in the testing phase. It is jointly funded by Nepal Telecom and Rastriya Banijya Bank. This new service pans on relying on NTC users, and the mobile balance will be used for payments. Payment through mobile balance means reduced taxes and a cheaper rate for users. Rastriya Banijya Bank will be the settlement bank as expected. 

This new digital wallet was intended to be released this week, however, it is delayed. This new wallet must have some promising new features but will it be able to compete with the rest? 

The market of digital wallets in Nepal seems to be very competitive and growing. Each app strives to have a special feature to attract customers and if they do not, then they fall behind. 

Users have so many options to choose from, and we have displayed some of the top current choices above. Which do you think serves the most useful and productive services to the user? Which one wins the ultimate battle?

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