Prabhu pay CAN Infotech 2020: Everything on Technology that we don’t need!

Can has announced its episode for 2020 CAN Infotech. Needless to say, there are so many technology events and meetups happening around. From the community perspective, it is a very good thing. More events means more knowledge flowing around, which eventually helps the community to grow stronger and bigger.

When we talk about technology event, I think the first one that comes in everybody’s mind is CAN. Computers’ Association of Nepal organizes its grand CAN infotech every year. Honestly, there is no second event in Nepal that can beat the size and grandeur of CAN. But again, no one can beat when it’s about the amount of cash flown into the event. For shops and sales, it is a mega event. But for people who really care about technology, it is just a waste of time.

Hundreds of thousands are spent on inaugurations, guests, stalls and other side events. For every visitor, the only attractions are the offers on hardware gadgets, stock clearance, training offers and last but not least the seducingly attractive female exhibitors.

But for the audience, who has seen or observed Google IO, Build, CES, TechCrunch disrupt, etc CAN Infotech is just the most expensive drama ever made.

In the 2019 CAN edition, we could sense a lot of insights which make everyone believe that CAN itself has no idea about its purpose. While Gokul Baskota made the same old rant of bandwidth and connectivity agendas of government, there were vendors in the stalls selling offers on mouses and laptops. What is the shared vision here? Sudhir Prajuli of Subisu stated how they are using “Artifical Intelligence software” in their company. Ranjit Poddar from CAN highlighted exhibitions of drones, robot battle and innovation centers in the event. Quoting to the voices of government, private companies, and organizers we can easily understand that there is nothing concrete about CAN exhibitions expect the sales of computer hardware.

What should have happened?

Simple and easy, copy what is done in TechCrunch or that in Google IO. Instead of showing how drones fly it would make more sense to show how Tootle predicts the demand and surges the price. This little innovation has happened here in Nepal and is interesting for everyone to see. Bring some of the startups which are doing amazing work in technology and show how they are solving problems. Highlight more on usages of technologies, algorithms etc. And if there is no manpower to do so (which I doubt), bring some of the world-class technology innovation speakers from abroad. Companies like Microsoft or Google or Facebook, Uber, Lyft, etc. have been landing their speakers and representatives in the country from time to time. Or even better, there are companies that already work with several multinational companies at different levels. There are Google Developer Group, Microsoft MVPs, Facebook Developer Circles which can be a tool to approach these companies.

But hey, these are my opinions. Could be biased. Please let us know, what your thoughts are regarding the CAN Infotech.