CG ISP to challenge the internet market in Nepal.

Binod Chaudhary, Nepal’s richest man and the owner of CG, a revolutionizing brand made, and growing substantially, in Nepal is set to achieve yet another field. 

When the company wanted to release a highly cheaper rate of voice calls they created a huge buzz. However, the project got delayed. But instead of backing down, a new project by CG Telecom is to follow. They have released another unit of CG Telecom which aims to bring its very own internet service to the people. Learn more about this CG ISP below.


CG received a license as a Network Service Provider on March 16, 2021. The company has already started necessary infrastructure construction for the operation of providing Internet service. The company’s data center in Satungal is in the completion phase. This construction will further aid in their plan to offer 5G services.

The infrastructure is set to be prepared after 5 months to be set in places around Kathmandu. 

Earlier CG Telecom promised very cheap and amazing deals which would bring a very big revolution in the telecommunications industry of Nepal. This would have a similar impact by Jio in the Indian telecom sector. However, since the license is currently delayed.

Nevertheless, the CG ISP is here to bring an impact on the internet market. The company is primarily focused on providing quality Fiber To The Home(FTTH) services at an amazing price. 

The Internet Market

Currently, the ISP market in Nepal is dominated by major companies like Subisu, WorldLink, and Vianet. The cost of the internet is high considering its dire need in today’s society. 

There are many reasons why the internet in Nepal is costly, which you can find in detail in our previous post. 

But the main reason is the taxes added to the price of the WiFi. The government adds 13% Telecommunication Service Charge, 13% VAT, and 4% Royalty Fee! 

Let’s see some of the current rates of the internet in Nepal by service providers. 

Vianet charges Rs 21600 per year for 100Mbps. This means it will cost Rs 1800 per month. Note that this is without including other one-time fees. Also, the price is subjected to 13% VAT. 

WorldLink offers 80 Mbps at Rs 22000 per annum excluding other one-time charges. Here also the price is exclusive of 13% VAT.

Whereas Subisu charges Rs 1550 monthly for 45 Mbps, excluding VAT. 

And finally, NTC provides 12 months subscription of 20 Mbps at Rs 12,500.

Looking at the scenario, the price of the internet by other ISP is in a similar range. However, If CG were to enter the ISP market in Nepal, some changes are sure to follow. 

What if the CG ISP brings the 100 Mbps in less than Rs 1000?

This sounds interesting, isn’t it?

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There is a huge possibility of CG bringing at cheap prices as they had intended for calls and data backs in mobile phones. This could change everything! 

The rise of one cheap alternative is all it takes to stir the entire market. Although they have not released an official price range on the internet, it will surely be cheaper than the rates of the current market. 

It will be interesting to see how the launch of CG ISP will impact the internet market. And how the current ISPs will react to it.

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