CG net launched to alter the internet industry landscape.

CG Net, owned by billionaire Binod Chaudhary, has made its long-awaited commercial launch of fiber internet today.

Now after the launch of CG Net, the internet sector of Nepal could face dramatic turns.


CG Net has the potential of bringing a revolution to the Internet Market in Nepal because of the amazing price it introduced to its consumers. 

Before today the highest speed of internet available in Nepal was 100 Mbps offered by Vianet and Classictech. But the scenario has changed after the launch of fiber internet by CG. Now the highest internet available in Nepal is 120 Mbps. This is already an achievement in the internet sector of Nepal.

And talking about the pricing, CG net has brought in 120 Mbps of the Internet for Rs. 999 only per month. This might sound unreal but it is true.

This price is incredibly low compared to the others in the market. Here are the introductory offers, offered by CG net.

CG net Plan

These prices already include the 13% Telecommunication Service charge but are yet to be subject to 13%VAT. Refundable deposits will be returned to the user after they return the router in working condition. 

The Installation and Drop Wire charges are completely free for the first set up for all the offers. The Single Band Router and Dual Band Router are also completely free for the 12-month subscription offer.


Currently, the company’s services are available around Jawalakhel, Jhamsikhel, and the Harihar Bhawan area. Soon it will be available in all of Kathmandu valley. They intend to expand all over the country by the end of 2078 BS.

The head office is located at Trade Tower Business Center in Thapathali.

Check your availability here.

Future Plans

CG has released only Internet Connection for now. But they have announced that they will soon launch IPTV and other popular services shortly.

CG Net has promised to provide the best service to the public. They have used the latest generation technology available in the global market to address the growing use and demand of video OTT platforms, work from home, and online classes.

Managing Director of CG Communications Nirvana Chaudhary said that the Internet launch was made in a commitment to provide high-quality and cheap internet to Nepal. He added that Nokia’s technology would enable it to provide high-speed service and meet the growing market demand of the future.

The Chairman Mr. Binod Chaudhary himself has assured us that CG has one of the world’s best quality benchmarks and is committed to maintaining it.

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Challenge for other ISPs

Let’s see some of the current rates of the internet in Nepal by service providers. 

Vianet charges Rs 21,600 per year for 100Mbps. Note that this is without including other one-time fees. Also, the price is subjected to 13% VAT. 

WorldLink offers 80 Mbps at Rs 22,000 per annum excluding other one-time charges. Here also the price is exclusive of 13% VAT.

Whereas Subisu charges Rs 1,550 monthly for 45 Mbps, excluding VAT. 

Price comparison of ISPs

Note: All above mentioned prices are exclusive of 13% VAT.

Now with the launch of the CG net, these major players of the internet market in Nepal are compelled to rethink their services.

And the interesting thing is with $0.072 per 1 Mbps, Nepal has the second cheapest internet in the world.

Cost of Internet Global data

This already shows us how much of a stir CG’s Entrance to the market is making.

As CG Net has officially entered the market it is safe to say that it made quite a banging introduction. The prices and offers were lower than most people’s expectations. With this launch, now the possibility of Gbps internet in Nepal is coming into the picture.

Nepal is facing its Internet revolution right now, and it could not have been at a better time. In a time where people are using more internet than ever and are depending upon it for everything, the public is ready for it. 

Now it will be interesting to watch how other ISP will tackle the CG Net to retain their customers.

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