Corona Virus Vs Corona Beer

People have associated the n-2019 Coronavirus with the Corona beer.

You all know about the news right! A new Corona Virus has been showing signs of spreading all over the world starting from the Hubei province of China. While efforts have been made to control the outbreak starting from travel restrictions to quarantine, the virus has been spreading rapidly. The death toll has risen above 130 while number of confirmed cases is near about 6000.

Now you might be thinking, okay a serious case, but what does this has to do with business or technology. Well, here I am just trying to reflect on another “Corona”. Remember Corona. Extra, the Mexican beer that brands itself as, “Born in Mexico and raised up on the beaches”. It seems like it has been a huge PR nightmare for them after the outbreak of this new species of Corona Virus.

Many people reportedly seem to have associated the n-2019 Coronavirus to be associated to the Corona beer. A trend analysis firm has gone as far as to say “no-coronavirus-has-nothing-to-do-with-Corona-beer” looking at the google search trend with direct key words, “Corona Beer Virus”. And most of these searches come from North America, and western Europe. With Australia, Japan and India also showing their prevalence in such searches. 

Going back to basics, this could be a great example of how environmental factors may change and hit you anytime. We live in a volatile world full of uncertainty. And businesses must be agile enough and ready for anything and everything, even things like the outbreak of a virus that may coincidently share the same nomenclature of the brand name you have.

I am sure this incident will not affect “Corona” the beer and they are probably taking measures to overcome possible pitfalls but the case simple shows complexities of the environment we live in. For start-ups and businesses alike that are looking towards digital media for growth, be careful of psychological factors and their possible associations as well.

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