Covid-19 in Nepal: How will Technology Help?

COVID-19 has devasted the economy and operations in Nepal. Everything from Jobs, mobility, production, education, health has come to a halt. Silver lining to this is, those companies whose business is dependent on internet have somehow continued. In such a context, it is important to understand how and where can technology aid.

To understand this, lets look at some of the cases and see if we can learn a lesson.

Foodmario: Foodmario shut its operations from the day of lockdown. Only to revive itself as a Grocery delivery company in Nepal. We dont know how big their business is, but it appears that it was easy for them to pivot around and enter into a new line of business. This is mostly because, Foodmario is a flexible company. They have demonstrated how fast they anticipated the situation and came forward with a more argile and failproof idea.

Key message: if you want to survive current situation, be adaptive and use technology as your primary weapon.

Tootle/Pathao/Sarathi Cab : Innovation Mobility companies have come to a complete halt. However, Sarathi attempted to keep its operations functional by serving as emergency transportation or a private ambulance. However, when doing this, they still focused on Humanitarian Reasons rather than business.

Key Message: When we do a threat asesment of business, we try to bring as many factors as possible. However, this case of COVID19 in Nepal has shown that no matter how well you analyze your business for possible threat, there will be one or more threats in the future that your business can not asses at this point.

Bursts of Zoom meeting
Many companies reliying themselves on document processing, delivering content and office work into work from home models. These line of business are least affected by the covid19 in Nepal. Whereas, we have also seen infinite number of presentations and webinars happening everyday. This has been driven by an attitude of turning lemons into lemonades. And it is praiseworthy that companies are doing well in this line of business also.

How to beat current situation?
No matter what line of business you are in, make sure, you are based on Inernet and Technology. This will not only help you to sustain in longer run but also help your business to pivot at times of need. For this case of COVID19 in Nepal, obviously there are certain line of business which can not operate at all. But companies with strong determination and willing to be vulnerable, have turned their companies upside down and still opened themselves for business. For the same example as explained above, turning a kitchen to office food deliver company, into a grocery delivery company is a big move for the company. However, Rohit himself was delivering the orders. This is a subtle example of making yourself vulnerable but open to more opportunities.

Key Message: Adapt Technology, Pivot around, Be Vulnerable

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