Covid-19 and Its Impact On Ecommerce In Nepal!

A silver lining on the dark cloud of the COVID-19 in Nepal is the rise of online activity like eCommerce. Ecommerce especially in Nepal is on the rise. Before people did not exactly trust it but with a pandemic, people did not have any option rather rely on it.

E-commerce relates to the online transaction done through the internet. This means buying and selling items online.


In Nepal, one of the first e-commerce platforms was in 2000. The eCommerce websites in Nepal back then were, muncha and thamel dotcom. Muncha was a platform to buy gifts from abroad to Nepal or vice versa. In thamel dotcom people could buy meat in Dashain season and get it delivered to their doorstep. Now we can see many more additions to this. 

Before the pandemic, there were a handful of eCommerce websites that have marked their place on the market. Daraz, sastodeal were some of the big players in the eCommerce. 

Daraz was famous because they had a 7-day return policy. Hence, if the customer is unsatisfied, the product can be returned. This was able to attract people to try and buy online.

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But with the rise of the pandemic, the whole e-commerce in Nepal leaped faster than anyone thought. Many people were stuck at home during lockdowns. Even after opening up, people were cautious and avoided going out. 

These new circumstances opened a bigger door for e-commerce in Nepal. eCommerce platforms were not limited only to electronics, or some materialistic items, but buying groceries online became a new thing. The consumers started growing and so did new businesses.

Daraz started selling groceries with the collaboration of Big Mart. Even the famous Bhatbhateni supermarket went online to cope up with the situation.

Along with this, even the cloud kitchen like Foodmario and some food delivery companies like Foodmandu, Bhojedeals changed their business module to an eCommerce platform.

Hence the pandemic gave a new angle to online businesses in Nepal. And currently, there are a lot of digital platforms that are quite popular among Nepalese.

Some new eCommerce platforms that are joining the league of eCommerce business are Stopgrab and Mukundo.

covid 19 and ecommerce in nepal

Successful e-commerce sectors that have seen a boom since the pandemic

Online Groceries 

Since people avoided going outside as much as possible so how would they buy groceries? Many online businesses came to the rescue of this. And now buying groceries online is not anymore new thing in Nepal.

Accessories Shop 

There tons of online shops available on social media like Facebook and Instagram. With even a very small range these Instagram shops have a huge following and are very popular. Some of the famous Nepal based shops are @deesse_np, @minichic_np,, and @masalabeads. 

Bakery and Food

Bakery items also seem to be very popular in e-commerce these days. There are a lot of online businesses/ websites selling freshly baked delicacies right at your doorstep. And people seem to be in love with them. 

They serve classic favorites like cookies and also new trendy sugary heaven like the chocolate box where you get to crack your chocolate with a hammer. Some famous eCommerce serving these are @the_mediocre_baker, @bakeaway_nepal, and the_yara_bakery_

Classifieds Platforms

Classifieds platforms like Hamrobazaar helps you connect with a buyer or a seller. You can get almost anything on this website. From pets to land and even machines. 


Well, the first answer is definitely because of how COVID-19 promoted shopping from home. Everybody is more cautious about their health and security as they should be. Hence they explore other routes to fulfill their needs. The key factors which boost eCommerce in Nepal are:

1. Delivery Services 

While the pandemic was hitting hard, getting your needs delivered at your doorsteps is something anyone could wish for. And this is the first key factor to attract customers towards online shopping. 

Getting your orders delivered at your doorstep and also at the fastest time possible. Doesn’t it sound convincing shifting towards online shopping? Eureka! Eureka!

2. Social Media 

As social media is one of the most powerful factors in most things, it does so towards e-commerce also. Social Media is where the largest amounts of these businesses are born and function. Without platforms like Facebook and Instagram online businesses would not have been as big as they are now. 

3. Advertising

Reaching the right customer at the right time can boost businesses. And advertising is the key to this.

Right advertising will surely do wonders for any business as it reaches people quickly. Take an example of jigri pack campaign of coca-cola. With the right social proof marketing technique, how the hype of the product elevated.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Last but not least for sure, customer satisfaction is the thing that will make difference. Without customers, the possibility of eCommerce doesn’t make sense. Hence realizing the customer’s need and addressing them is the one key factor.

Key Message: Definitely, covid has leaped eCommerce in Nepal but how to take it forward is solely in the hands of people running the business.

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