Crippling Nepal’s Economy Vs Nepal Bandha

From a young age, we Nepalese have heard about Nepal bandha quite often. It usually meant no school and parents could stay back at home. It felt like a bonus Saturday.

However, that was through the eyes of an oblivious blissful child. As an aware and grown adult now, Nepal Bandhas are bad news for everyone. Nepal Bandha is severe to the economy of Nepal and everyone associated. It has a drastic negative impact on the entire country.

Nepal Bandhas effect on the economy of Nepal

To an economy already mangled by the COVID-19 came another blow by the dispute in politics. And this dispute is followed by Nepal bandhas. The workers who depended upon their daily business have already faced so much stress and poverty, every day that if they do not work they risk themselves from falling into poverty. 

This is the most direct effect of the Nepal bandha/ strikes on its people. It may not feel like one day strike impacts the entire economy of Nepal, but the reality is alternate. 

Agriculture has the greatest impact on Nepal’s economy. It contributes 31.7 percent to our GDP. But these Nepal bandha affects the transportation of farmers and their sales and entirely the whole economy.

Another major way the bandhs are affecting the economy especially in these recent times is their complete disregard towards the coronavirus. People seem to have forgotten it existed and these strikes have a huge number of people in extreme proximity to each other.

This only increases the risk of the spread of the diseases which is going to in return gain affect the economy by halting the nation.

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Nepal bandhs do a lot more harm than they could ever do good. Some of the main reasons are:


The most frustrating part of all Nepal bandhs is their fake motives. These politicians claim to do good for their citizens but these bandhs do nothing but harm them. It halts their daily income process and adds unnecessary violence. Their fake motives to do good for the country is what’s so highly fake about their motives. They only do so to gain time, friction, and their own political advancement.


Yes, protests can be called by everyone and they can come under freedom of speech. Yet, at the very least they could do it after closing down an entire city or the country is to do it peacefully. Recently, we have seen just how violent aggressive the protesters get. Tyburn tires, motorcycles, and even cars. 

They bring in dogs and abuse them, they abuse people passing by. Just recently, the news about how a lady’s vegetables were thrown went very viral. Similarly, an ambulance was also shown with broken glass! The image below by @memnistry shows clearly everything wrong about Nepal bandhs.


Not only do these harmful and useless protests exist, they are appearing frequently. Each opposite side has to conduct a protest of their own. It’s like the citizens are nothing to them. Stopping an entire city’s movement is not a joke. There always looms a threat of “ is there a bandh tomorrow?”


As these strikes are hazardous, there are few physical things we can do against them. But there are some steps we can take.

Online friction

These days the power of the media is endless. Media has a major role to play in every sector of our life, and so it can do the sector of politics. Awareness and resistance against this violent bandhas should be spread on social platforms.

Not taking part

People should really avoid going to these protests for their side of politicians. Even if they are offering something for presence, should not fall into the trap. These politicians do not care an ounce for their citizens until it’s time for election again.

Well, because of political instability in Nepal again, we are facing these strikes. But the main question is, ‘How many days of Nepal bandhs can our economy take?’ 

It’s time to think again.

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