Does the full version of the Nagarik App live up to the expectations?

Amidst the pandemic, there have been many new steps to digitization. One of the greatest achievements is the digitization of government services.

The Nagrik App was released by Parbat Gurung, the Minister for Communication and Information Technology on January 15, 2021. Following the release, there have been many new updates to the app.

The Nagrik App released before was the BETA version, and now the full version has been available. This means many of the problems before will be dealt with. And more features will be found too!

Features on Beta Version

  • PAN Registration
  • Access Nagarik Lagani Kosh (Citizen Investment Trust)
  • SEE and HSEB results available
  • Access Local Government Information ( Nagarpalika, Gaunpalika)
  • Company Registration
  • Access Sabchaya Kosh (Employees Provident Fund)
  • Digitization of documents like Citizenship Card, Passport and Voter ID
  • Access Samajik Surakshya Kosh ( Social Security Fund)
Nagarik app full version

New features on full version of Nagarik App

Opening a Bank Account

The Prime Minister demonstrated this feature by opening a bank account at the release of the app. Without visiting the bank at all, users can create a bank account in a couple of clicks. The service is currently for Nepal Bank, Nepal Banijya Bank, and Siddharth Bank only. But the list will be longer with future updates.

Vehicle Tax & Renewal

This new feature is particularly helpful, as it allows users to pay for their vehicle tax as well as renewal fees. This feature has not been properly released yet but will very soon in the coming week. The government is coordinating various Transport Management Offices.

QR Code 

This feature will aid users through KYC verification, as it will also allow instant form fill-ups of government services. This QR code allows users to log into the app without a necessary for OTP verification.

Checking on Land

This feature will let people view their land’s ownership documents, certificates, and maps completely online on their mobile phones. With the help and coordination of the Department of Land Management, Survey Department, and Inland Revenue Offices this feature will be very much helpful for the users. They can even pay their land revenues online.

Payment of Taxes

Users can pay their local government tax via the app. This saves a ton of time for the users after not having to visit the crowded government offices. 


The feature Hello Sarkaar allows users to file complaints and bugs on the app.

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Compared to the previous BETA versions they have fixed some bugs in the new release.

Since, the registration for the app requires a mobile number, in the previous version only NTC and Ncell users could successfully register their accounts. SmartCell users make up about 1.7 lakh users so it was pretty unfair for them. However, now Smart cell users can also successfully register in the full version of the Nagarik App.

Another problem people can face is while logging in. This is usually an issue with your contact number. Your contact number has to be registered under your name.


With so much heavily personal information in one app, the safety of the app is very crucial for people to trust and enter everything. According to Sunil Paudel, the executive director of the center informs that all the information of the citizens is kept in the data center of the National Information Technology Center inside Singha Durbar. 

He claims that layered security arrangements have been made for the data center. The security of the app has been tested by 3 parties and has gone through a lot of security checks. The app also uses third-party encryption technology for security.

The Ministry of Communication has warned people to be very careful of their PIN code and not give out personal information like SIM cards and citizenship in one’s name to others. 


When the Government initially released the BETA version of the app just a couple of months back, the app surpassed 500,000 downloads. 

According to, almost 150000 people have already digitized their citizenship and 101907 PAN registration has taken place. This really proves how much the public wants the app. Users are thrilled by the idea of achieving multiple tasks simply on their mobile phones, tasks which previously required hours and almost days. 

The Nagarik App eliminates having to wait in long lines and visit the government offices for many of our needs. This is extremely helpful for the current pandemic too because it limits people to move outside even for official tasks. The government office will have fewer people and will make the procedures much faster. 

The Nagarik App will surely release more features with oncoming upgrades. For now, the current features are also heavily helpful for people and the public is already excited about it. The digitization of government services is a very huge sigh of relief for the people and is a big step forward to adapting technology and digitization for Nepal.

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