Five startups which changed everything

How You Pay your bills

When E-sewa first started, nobody had ever thought that it could be any useful. This was the time when people hardly had a smartphone. Even if they do, people were struggling to understand what can their phones do. But the then CEO, Bishwas Dhakal, was an ignorant one. He ignored what people said to the company but continuously innovated his company. Later after almost 9-10 years of struggle, people have finally accepted E-sewa as the most efficient way to pay bills. Despite the odds of years of loss now, E-sewa stands as a leader in the payment industry which has not only transformed itself as a company but also changed how people make payments.

How you eat your food

There were two ways of eating food. You ask your mom for food or go to a restaurant. This was before food Mario started its operations. Rohit Tiwari, a stubborn Engineer who was pitching “Engineers for Nepal” in an investment pitch took a complete U-Turn and came up with little stupid idea of Food Mario, where he dared to change how Nepalies thought of food. And he was able to do what he believed. Today food is cooked in kitchens by moms and served by bikers in your cubicle. Food Mario has been able to change how Eating Habit of Nepalese.

How you travel

There are quite obvious way to travel if you have been to Kathmandu. One, you take the crowded bus and waste hours hoping to reach your destination safely. You take your private vehicle and hurry through the jams and reach your destination (relatively safe). Or you bargain with the taxi and reach your destination overpriced. The bottom line is it’s complicated to travel in Kathmandu. That is where visionary Sixit Bhatta and his company Tootle comes for rescue. Where Motorbikers hussle through the crowded city in making sure that you reach your destination safer, faster and cheaper. This company has changed how you commute to town.

How you did your first job

“What if your first job was to change the country” That is the tag line of famous ‘Teach for Nepal initiative” but we will save it for the next post. We want to rather discuss ‘Cloud Factory” which has changed how teenagers do their first job in Nepal. Many of the teenagers I have met have once in their lifetime worked for Cloud Factory as a cloud worker. Cloud Factory offered data entry work for youth which they can do in their house only to be paid their pocket money. This has enabled youth, especially teenagers to be hard working right from their young age.

How you use a calendar

Last but not least, “Hamro Patro” is a game-changer. If you want a quick way to find out how many Nepalese use smartphones, just ask Hamro Patro. Every single Nepali has this app installed on their phone. Shankar Upreti, CEO of Hamro Patro initiated the development of the app when he was in the US doing his studies. Since Nepalese Calendar and festivals are quite odd and follow quite the odd calendar, someone had to invent an easy way of calendaring. As they say, Desperate time calls for Desperate measures, Shankar Upreti ended up developing an app that shows all Nepalese Holidays and festivals. This eventually escalated to Horoscopes, Kunadali Match Making, News Aggregator, etc. This company has understood how do Nepalese do everything. Thus creating an App that literally does everything.

Some notable companies.

Loadshedding app, sastodeal, foodmandu, UG Cakes, Daraz, Khali Sisi, etc will be covered in some other theme. Mention other companies that you think must be on this list.

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