Free Domain Registration

We have said this in multiple articles. Domain Registration is difficult in Nepal. But today, we want to introduce you about a site that does domain registration absolutely free.

Currently, to register a domain in Nepal, you have to either have an internationally valid debit/credit card or use local methods like and But this will cost you somewhere between 1000 NPR or 1500NPR. It depends on the registar you choose.


But that is not what we want to share in this post. There are ways where you can get an FQDN (Fully qualified domain name) without spending a penny on it. Of course, when you register a free domain, you don’t have option to book a .com domain. You have to choose from two options .Ml domain or a .TK .TM .GA .CF .CQ Domains. These domains are, of course, subject to availability.

To register a Free Domain from Nepal, you may go to

You can search for a free domain and checkout without having to pay. Please keep in mind, that the domain is valid for 12 months. If you intend to use the domain for more than 12 months you have to buy it.

Hope this information helped you. Let us know in comments.