Get your essentials delivered with these platforms even in lockdown.

With the new variant spreading in Nepal, the lockdown is crucial to maintain the spread of this new Coronavirus. The lockdown will most certainly extend to ensure the protection of the people. At times when going outside is dangerous, it means our daily tasks are also compromised. 

But no matter what it won’t be possible to compromise on our daily essentials. So how can we get essentials safely at home without having to go out? 

Well, here is the list of companies to cater to your needs during the lockdown. 

Medical Essentials

Our health is the most important priority for us right now. The current lockdown allows transportation and movement only if you have a pass. Hence refilling your medicines or buying any medicines will be a hard task. This is why these online pharmacies are at your rescue. Here are some platforms that deliver medicines and pharmaceutical products to your doorstep.


NepMeds is a website that has a very wide range of products available. They had Pharmacy products, Fitness products and supplements, Devices, and Surgical products.

NepMeds have 10,000 plus products all ready for delivery to our doorstep.

They also have online doctor consultation available

NepMeds uses 128-bit SSL encryption to provide users a safe shopping experience. 

They are available on both web app and mobile app. And the mobile app is available on the app store as well as the google play store. They even accept online payments from eSewa, Khalti, IME pay, and visa cards.

You can call them, on 9801667788, or email at- [email protected]


Epharmacy provides users with ranging products to be delivered. They have a separate section for COVID which includes, masks, UV Sterilizer, Sopan Oxygen Can, and Thermometers. They also have more focused sections which make users find their products easily. 

Epharmacy even has products for Haircare, Eyecare, Face care, Body care, Men’s Care, Women’s Care, and Baby Care. Also, they provide Ayurvedic supplements, Health Supplements, and Family Nutrition products.

They are a digital healthcare solution that provides free home delivery. 

You can call them, on 9863033500 or email at- [email protected]

Medico Nepal

Medico Nepal provides many healthcare facilities, with mutual connection with healthcare institutions aim to provide a quality of health services. Their services include Online Pharmacy with online payment options and home delivery. Alternative Medicine like Diet and herbs, external energy like therapy, and touch like massage.

They even have a helicopter as an air ambulance that is ready to provide emergency health care to the patient. They also have a COVID-19 self-assessment scan that is developed based on guidelines from the World Health Organisation, Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal, Nepal Disaster and Emergency medicine Center and Nepal Disaster and Emergency Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

The contact details of Medico Nepal are 9801979250 and [email protected] They also have an app available on App Store as well as Google Play Store.

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Groceries are a daily necessity for everyone. In the situations like this where how long the lockdown will last is uncertain, it isn’t possible to stock up for the entire lockdown. Also, the products like vegetables and fruits cannot be stocked for a longer period. 

Here are some platforms that provide fresh groceries at your doorstep.


Kharpan is a very simple and highly helpful website and app. 

They have a list of fresh fruits and vegetables on display on the first screen which changes daily depending on the season and availability. They provide these products from two sources and the users can choose. One is from farmers and the other one is from the market. 

The farmers usually provide vegetables and whereas the fruits are from the markets. They have a very nice transparent procedure, where the names of the farmers are also available. This supports the local farmers. 

They have recently added bakery items like bread and cookies as well as milk and eggs. Another impressive feature is that they provide washed products.

They deliver on certain days of the week depending on the location.

They are available to contact on 9801166566, 016631640 and [email protected]


This online e-commerce website has almost everything you would need. They have groceries, electronics, fashion, and pet supplies. They also have COVID-19 essentials like Oximeter, masks, sanitizer spray, Face shields. 

Mukundo is a subsidiary of MBSYS Group Pvt Ltd which is a technology company established in 2019 based in the USA. Mukundo is like a shopping mall all in one platform and ready to deliver at your doorstep. 

However, due to the strict lockdown, they do not guarantee next-day delivery until further notice.

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