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Allow me to put a disclaimer first, we have both good news and bad news. And what’s more surprising is that this holds true for all other queries you had in mind related to Godaddy in Nepal, Paypal in Nepal, Hostgator in Nepal, Bluehost in Nepal, and many other services that we wish to have in Nepal.

Every Programmers Dream, dollar credit card and account in Godaddy

Every programmer, administrator or IT company, small or big has always wanted to buy something from Godaddy or similar companies like HostGator, Bluehost or digital ocean. Many times we have succeeded in our quest using a burrowed credit card or that friend in the US. But the real question here is can we purchase a domain or a server from Godaddy without being a parasite or a victim of nationality? Well, the straight answer is no. You cannot buy a domain or server from GoDaddy or from HostGator from Nepal.

Not so good news

As promised before, we have a piece of good news and a piece of not so good news. The not so good news is then that you can not buy anything from Godaddy from Nepal. But the good news is that you can actually buy whatever you want like a domain or a server.

…and the good news

You can actually buy a domain or a server exactly like that of GoDaddy or Hostgator from Nepal itself. And while doing so you don’t need a dollar credit card to buy the domain in Nepal. All you need is an e-wallet like that of e-sewa or Khalti. If you have e-sewa you can buy a domain, server, SSL certificate of your choice from Ohodomain. But if you have a khalti account then you can buy servers, domain, SSL certificate, g-suite, etc from BrainFoxs. The choice is yours.

But Why?

We asked the same question to Paypal. We asked them why can not anyone open a Paypal account from Nepal. They replied it straight forward, the rules in Nepal do not allow them to operate. Further, it mentioned that, if anyone opens an account and operates from Nepal it will be shut. The Law in Nepal prohibits companies and individuals to invest or expend money outside of Nepal. If you have to, you have to take approvals from the Nepal Reserve bank and comply with regulations related to the Foreign Currency Exchange Act, Money-laundering Act, etc.

When we look from the Company’s side there are two things that stand out. The first is that Nepal has a very small economy. The sales of domains over a month in any low-performing city in the US exceeds that of the whole of Nepal over a year. That is the reason why giant companies like Paypal or Godaddy hesitate to come and do a little bit of business and a little bit of philanthropy in Nepal.

The other side is a well-seen side. We all saw how much NCELL had to struggle while taking its profit away from the country. The case is still pending in the court. This sets an example for multinational companies willing to expand to Nepal. The example our bureaucracy has set is that Nepal is corrupt and they won’t let any company repatriate their earnings.

Bottom Line

Well, Godaddy in Nepal will not exist for the next few years. I would say most probably next 5 years. Although I would be more than happy to be proven wrong on this statement.

But see the good side and you should appreciate that companies like Ohodomain, BrainFoxs, Payoneer, etc are going beyond the ways in making sure that you own that little domain that you dreamt of and make a living out of it.

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