Harmony OS, all set to roast the Mobile OS industry

Huawei is under an extended grace period by which it continues to have receive Google’s Android operating system (OS). The possibilities are becoming stronger that the Huawei could soon be cut off from access to Android OS for all of its segment of phones. This might leave users stranded if they do not receive OS, updates and apps in the future.

In such, Huawei is all set to release its new operating system by the name of Harmony OS. Huawei is certain, people have multiple devices, from multiple vendors. They want one operating system that is synced and running across all devices. Harmony will automatically pair devices up, sync their data, and combine their hardware capabilities to create one massive “super-device”, Huawei’s senior Manager of EMUI product marketing, James Lu, added. Huawei also claims Harmony’s performance rivals existing OS’ – and it even has AI that can efficiently allocate resources across each device. This means that even if its phones get Android access back permanently, it’s already got a promising OS on the backburner ready to surface when the time is right.

According to Lu, each device type (phone, TV, smart watch) currently runs on its own type of OS. This results in a new OS every time a device category is created. But on Harmony, developers only need to develop an app once – using common programming languages like C and Java – and it will work across all devices. Harmony will also be open-source, meaning anyone can access the source code and modify it.

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