History Of Television In Nepal!

Television, one of the greatest achievements by man, a milestone in the technological field. It was first invented and released in 1928, and 58 years later it finally got broadcasted in Nepal. 

Globally as well as in Nepal, television has seen great impeccable progress since then and evolved a lot through the years. Today, let us learn about the journey television has had. 

television in nepal


The big news of Nepal bringing in television was first announced by Tapa Nath Sukla, a senior official of the Nepal Television Project. There were many attempts the government was taking to bring in Television in Nepal. Then, King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah was ruling the kingdom. 

The government of Nepal had prepared for a two-year experimental program with a budget of $1.5 million! 

The first step that was taken to bring television was setting a low-power television transmitter on a high building. It aimed to reach a 15-mile radius in Kathmandu broadcasting to 500,000 people. In the first phase, they intended on targeting Kathmandu but spread it to other districts.

In those days, outlying regions of the country did not even have any access to electricity. Nor could they afford a television set. Yet, to make it easier for them the government planned on releasing cheap television sets in Nepal.

Electricity itself was still a very new and luxurious item for many people in Nepal in those days. And Nepal bringing in television, even though focused on Kathmandu was almost unbelievable news. 

After the success of broadcasting and selling television to people, the first channel of Nepal was Nepal Television (NTV). It is a government-regulated channel that still airs.

Then, there wasn’t enough manpower to regulate 2 hours of the program. So the government bought some international content. 

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Now, television has become the most common thing in every house. Television has become a massive source of entertainment as well as news. Everybody has it and everybody watches it. 

Currently, there are 117 national channels licensed by the government. NTV has broken its monopoly by Kantipur, a privately owned channel that gave it tough competition. Image Channel by Image FM was also one of the competitors. Currently, many such private-owned channels are being aired. 

Not only Nepali but many international channels are aired in Nepal these days. NTV has also begun operating from satellite allowing it to reach Nepalese migrants across 50 countries. 

Even several cable television distributors in cities such as Kathmandu, Butwal, Pokhara, Biratnagar, and Nepalgunj offer viewers their own local channel.

Another advancement seen is satellite tv. Two companies began offering Direct To Home satellite TV services to Nepalese viewers in 2010. Later they merged to become Dish Home TV. It offers packages of local and international channels like those provided by the cable networks.

TV channels have seen great new improvements in quality and content as the audience of the TV significantly increased from before. There are channels with HD displays that are highly comforting to the eye. And soon there is talk of releasing 4K channels as well! 

Set-top boxes have also been adopted nationwide for all television connections after it was made mandatory. It was compulsory for all analog-based cable tv operators. This was a big step towards digitization. 

Another policy implemented recently was the Clean Feed Policy here international channels were not allowed to broadcast their national advertisements, and our viewers could enjoy ad-free broadcasting. Although that did not exactly happen it is another notable accomplishment. 

Well looking back to 1986 and analyzing now, we can see the huge development on television in Nepal. Now let’s just hope Nepal will start manufacturing the television itself. Fingers crossed!!

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