How people are making money online in Nepal?

Being trapped in our houses it is hard to feel productive. It is hard to earn money when everything is shut. But there is one thing that would never be closed even though the entire world was, and that is the internet. The use of the internet saw a crazy boom during the lockdown because everyone was on it constantly. Throughout the lockdown, and before there have been many new ways to make money online arising. These opportunities for making money online are quite popular in Nepal also.

Ways to earn money online in Nepal

There are many different ways an individual can earn money online. Although it takes a lot of time and dedication to earn enough for it to be your career. Yet these methods will provide you with some side money and some money is better than no money.

1. Youtube

Currently, Youtube is the most popular method. There are hundreds of Nepali creators already on youtube. They create various types of content. 

On YouTube, it can be a comedy, animation, conspiracy theories, music, dance, or tutorial. Youtube is a very wide-ranging platform. It allows everyone to showcase their talent and sometimes not even talent. People share themselves doing stupid things or just the most mundane of things and it somehow goes viral. 

All you need to do is create an account and upload the content you think is interesting.

2. Media Platforms

Youtube is not the only platform you can earn money in. Almost all social media platforms provide a way to earn money.

In an app like Facebook, you can create a page and post anything you wish like memes, news, or even your own opinions. Once you have above 50 K followers you can sell or have advertisements on your page. 

3.Thrift store

There can be seen very high boost thrift stores on Instagram. With these thrift store accounts, people upload pictures of clothes they do not need and sell them for a reasonable price. This is probably the best method because you are also cleaning out your closet.


Like the thrift stores, hamrobazar helps to sell your items, and making money online very much doable. You can sell anything from pets, clothes, houses, old toys to even land. Hamrobazaar is a website that bridges the gap between sellers and buyers. Hence it is much easier to reach out to people.


Freelancing is popular among youths who are recently graduated and exploring their future. There are many companies providing freelancing opportunities, in areas like Web design, programming, graphic art, content writing, and video editing.

Freelancing has become an opportunity for many these days. And the youths being attracted towards this is also increasing.


Skillshare is a website where people can learn lessons on anything and people can teach too. If you think you have a certain skill at a professional level you can record videos of teaching the activity and upload it. Then you can put up a charge for your videos and earn whenever somebody is interested in learning from your videos. 


Making money on writing about your passion or experiences is a plus point. Most bloggers start it as a hobby and side job which matures as a job. You can start a blog for free on Tumblr or WordPress. Another way is by investing in a domain name for 3 to 5 thousand rupees. 

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Downsides of earning money online in Nepal

Although there are various ways of earning money online, it also has another side. Unfortunately, sometimes using the methods above or others there might be bumps along the way. Earning money online may not be the smooth journey you think it is. Some problems seen are as follows


Unlike in foreign countries, PayPal is not applicable in Nepal. Although there are other methods like wire transfer, people can still see some difficulty in receiving their money. Online money transactions are not regular as abroad but we are seeing that change. 


If you want cash quickly many of the above-mentioned methods are not the way to go. The above methods work for sure, yet it takes time and dedication.


Waiting for your Facebook and YouTube accounts to gain followers and views takes a lot of time and luck. Even if your content is impeccable it takes almost years for it to gain the amount of exposure necessary to earn money. So the speed is another backslide for earning money online.


The internet is a very dangerous and risky place. You always need to be aware of scammers and viruses. The websites that make you download certain applications or click on certain things can lead to a risky virus on your device. Also, being based completely online you don’t know the company you are working for properly, they can easily just not pay you for your worth. 

Key message: You can start any of the things listed above and earn money or wait for your account to mature and earn. All of them might seem easy but have to remember that it requires a lot of caution, hard work, and time.

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