How to buy a domain in Nepal?

Are you looking to create a website? 

Searching for a guide on how to buy the domain in Nepal? Well, we have got you covered.

If you are a total beginner, do not fret. Let us first see what domain names are and why you need to buy them. 

Domain Name

A domain name is a house for your entire webpage. Your content will be found under the domain name you buy. 

They are easier to remember and align closely with your content. Domain names are a great substitution for confusing strings of numbers and characters. If anybody needs to find your content they can simply type in the domain name. Your domain name is what makes up your URL. An example of a Domain name is ‘techinhimalaya’ as you can see above!

Why you have to buy it?

Okay so now you must be wondering why do we have to pay money for it?

Domain name servers house the entire domain names in the world. From this server is where you get connected to the webpage you are looking for. And in turn, who houses the DNS? It will be your internet provider. 

And Domain name registries are the ones who update DNS and tell them where your webpage lives on the internet.

Somebody needs to be the ultimate authority on addresses for domain names. If nobody was, then anyone could pretend their servers go to your domain name. Managing domain names takes support people, developers to give webmasters the tools for managing domains, servers, and many other things that cost money.

That’s why you have to buy a domain name, so you can claim ownership and pay for the costs of the services provided by the registry.

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How to buy in Nepal?

Finally, the big question. 

How to buy a domain in Nepal? Here are the simple steps to follow for you to get your very own domain.

1. Visit a Domain Name Registry

Many websites are offering to sell you a domain name. You might have heard about GoDaddy for sure. But the problem could be the payment method. Most of these websites don’t support payment from Nepali Cards.

But don’t worry. Now some Nepali websites sell the domain name too. And the best part is they accept payments through Nepali digital wallets like Khalti. You may check Brainfoxs for this.

2. Check the availability of your name. 

Sometimes the name you wish may not be able and taken by someone else. If yes it’s one step shorter to your goal but if not, you can come up with a few changes to make your name standout yet true to your content. There are many tips to make tweak your name.

A great method is by adding a verb to your name. For example “get” or “buy”. Pocket uses the domain name “getpocket”. Another method is to make your brand name longer. was taken so instead, they have Soon you will find a name that works for you.

3. You can also additionally buy a domain privacy protection program. These can help to conceal your personal information to avoid spam calls and emails.

4. If not, you can now proceed to check out. You can fill out your billing details and pay. 

5. Congratulations! You just bought your domain name. This is your domain name until you renew it next year. Some registries offer to pay for up to 10 years at once also. So do not forget to renew your payment. 

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