Idea Studio Nepal: Where Idea Meets Investment!

Idea studio Nepal is set to launch its fifth season soon and we are ready for it. Idea Studio Nepal is a blessing for all aspiring entrepreneurs all over Nepal. For those who want to create a positive change, it intends to change promising ideas into solutions and helps the creators to install them.

Idea studio not only is a platform that aims in finding innovative solutions to current challenges and help change-makers throughout the process. But it is also a reality tv show which monitors and shares all the hardships and lessons learned by the entrepreneurs known as “ideators” in the show.

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If you think that you have a creative and innovative idea then you can pitch it to the studio.

Ideas are to be submitted via email and online application form. Then a selection committee screens through the pool of submitted ideas and shortlists 75 ideas. Thereafter the selected participants are called for an audition. At the audition, entrepreneurs can pitch their innovative ideas in a clear picture in front of the judges. 

Finally, 35 ideas are further shortlisted and invited to attend the incubation process. The ideas are selected based on their creativity, impact, risk factors & determined passion. 

In case you think that you have something positive and innovative to contribute. Then you can take the first step to your startup and submit your idea to Idea Studio Nepal using the form here.

Do hurry the deadline is on 15th February 2021!


After being one of the lucky 35 shortlisted ideators, you are taken through a two-month-long intensive lab-based studio incubation program. This special program and the highlight of the Idea Studio Nepal consists of three stages.

The First Stage: 

The ideators are taught and mentored thoroughly to instill in their skills and a mindset for entrepreneurship.

The Second Stage consists of a business creation workshop. At this, all necessary skills about owning and operating a business are taught. Creating and designing the product, understanding target customers, scaling your business, and many more intensive skills.

The Third Stage has personalized coaching lessons by expert business owners, academia, and mentors on how to pitch their business. This stage is where the applications of the first two stages are to be implemented.

After the highly educational incubation, the ideators have to present their ideas to a panel of judges and convince them to receive a seed investment of USD 5000-10000. This is highly competitive as there are only 5 ideas chosen. This process is broadcasted to its associated TV Show.

The final section of the journey after being selected is to put in place your business idea. The entrepreneurs are fully supported throughout the process. They still receive mentorship, receive office space and legal services, and even networking opportunities with stakeholders.

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Development of Entrepreneurship in Nepal

The Idea Studio Nepal contributes a huge help in the development of entrepreneurship in the community. They provide selected creators with so much guidance and support throughout the entire process. They have helped kickstart so many businesses throughout the years. 

The most important factor is that the startups they have helped in raising have a very high potential in the ecology sector and communal good. 

Taking an example of one of the many success stories is:

Sajilo Marmat Sewa by Pukar Acharya, Sujit Reghmi, and Kawish Shrestha. They have a highly useful website where the user can find a technician for any help like Plumbing, Carpeting, and Technical problems. This helps not only the people in search of help but they also aim in giving employment to technicians. 

Another community developing startup raised by Idea Studio Nepal is Shivaram Paudel’s free highway public restroom project. 

We can see there are many creative and innovative entrepreneur ideas in Nepal that just need a little more nudging and guidance. Hence, Idea Studio Nepal is helping to cultivate a start-up culture in Nepal by their TV Show. They aim to spread awareness and teach people about pitching their ideas and maybe even creating one!

The studio has collected 1693 ideas from over 65 districts and 40 running startups! We hope the new season brings in even more green, innovative, and highly helpful start-ups.

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