Innovation Sucks, Just Steal!!

Should our schools teach us how to steal ?

Innovation has been overhyped, overrated and misunderstood. Our schools and colleges not only teach their students, but shout and yell at them to innovate. But the question here is, do we even need to innnovate? May be this part of the world does not need innovation. What it needs is rapid prototyping and testing of what has worked in rest of the world.

Lets take ride sharing for an example. Ride sharing has happended allover the world. Uber, Gojek, Grab, Lyft and if we compare locally we have seen tootle, pathao and sarathi in same domain. This is a best exmaple of stealing from what has worked in rest of the world.

But we are doing it all wrong. Instead of looking upon to larger markets like India, Singapore or in this case Silicon valley, we attempt in recreating the wheel. Our education system has taught us to do things which are never done before. In the process we end up recreating the wheel.

Since Innovation has been given a lot of importance, people have feared to do what works. The stereotype of Innovation is prohibiting people to replicate, reproduce or inherit from the great ideas that have worked. An idea inherited from something that has worked could result in less chance of failure. We have seen a lot of startups and innovations that have failed. Could it be the reason ?

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