Is TikTok a new big thing in marketing?

Tiktok has been quite the talk of all towns. It has been taking over people’s, mostly young adults, phones by storm! And I am pretty sure you have seen a lot of their videos. 

Likewise, Tiktok in Nepal has also been highly influential and in use. So among the 150 countries, it is available in and over 1 billion users in total, one can imagine its immense power for marketing. Nepal has also seen this chart-topping app’s power. 

TIKTOK MARKETING: People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It

With the power to reach over 1 billion users in a single platform, it is no more just an entertainment platform. All over the world, we can see TikTok being used for marketing through various methods. 

These days many brands are joining TikTok itself for marketing. The brands like Calvin Klein and guess joining itself proves the importance of presence in TikTok. Although it’s 15 seconds content it is worth reaching to audiences.

Another marketing strategy in TikTok is through influencer marketing. Since new brands won’t have many credibilities in the market, they use influencers. Influencers with thousands of followers and millions of views and likes have the power to reach a large section of audiences. It is one sure shot method to reach target audiences.

Another marketing seen is similar to the second one but more lowkey. This kind of marketing is done almost involuntarily. The product gets a lot of exposure by itself and without knowing is promoted throughout the app. 

When the product is good and genuine, the users on TikTok provide its review themself. This is social proof marketing. We can even see many users mentioning products as their personal “favorites”.

Tiktok marketing

Products That Came In Limelight Because Of Tiktok

  1. Cetaphil and CeraVe

If you are more into skincare then I bet you are aware of Cetaphil and CeraVe. This moisturizer/ body lotion is highly demanded nowadays. This is an example of the third marketing strategy explained above which is found in TikTok.

These products gained fame simply because users recommended them for skincare. Even without any paid promotions, the product spread quickly around TikTok. And everybody started testing them out. The number of people struggling with acne/ skincare made the product famous. 

The hashtag “#cetaphil” has reached more than 65 million views now!!!

2.LED Strip Lights

Another product that got an extreme amount of hype from the app is LED Strip Lights. These lights are so popular that almost every TikToker has them today. Because of its popularity in TikTok, these lights could be seen widely in the market.


Nepali food vloggers have also been active in TikTok. They are seen promoting restaurants and cuisines quite often. The most popular one which I am sure you all know is “”. He visits around in restaurants and reviews them. He is also seen doing paid promotions quite often. 

Because of TikTok many restaurants in Nepal have also gained popularity. And many cuisines have also come in limelight. A recent example in Nepal can be taken Bamboo Restaurant in Maitidevi. They got overnight popularity because of TikTok.


There are many accounts by fashion stores where they follow the popular trends in TikTok wearing the merchandise to be sold. This way they get extra popularity plus they are displaying their items.


The most famous of marketing is done through influencers as mentioned earlier. But, how is it that people get views?


Using certain hashtags helps in making your video upload go viral. For example, the most famous hashtag used is “for you page”. This page is on every user’s display screen and with the use of this hashtag, your video has a higher probability of being viewed on someone’s for you page.


In TikTok, there are millions of sounds available. And regularly some sounds are highly trending. If you use the sound currently on-trend then your video will get a viewer boost. This is because the video of the sound gets circulated throughout people’s feeds more often.

These days different old Nepali songs are getting popular because of TikTok. We can take the song “Maya Gara Mayalule” as an example.


Of course, your content is what matters the most at the end of the day. We can see various types of content all around TikTok. In the context of Nepal, almost every TikTok user might have come across the videos of “Mercy Education”. They teach tips and tricks regarding the English language. And their content is famous because learning perfect English is always a thing in Nepal.

Although it’s a 15 seconds content still content is the king.


Well, the first answer is products, clothes, skincare, decor and so much more. But there are many more things found in TikTok which might be of surprise.


Yes, law! There is a famous tiktoker @lawwithmamta who spreads legal awareness through her platform. She has already more than 80K followers and 1.2 Million likes. 

She usually posts videos explaining laws on many subjects. In her comments section, users are generally found asking about the law on domestic violence, driver’s license. She is an example of using your platform to spread good and awareness.


Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has recently joined TikTok in November of 2020. He already has more than 130K followers. He uses the platform to share news and current topics. Not only that he even does live video while addressing the nation.

An example of TikTok’s power in shaping politics would be the Trump Rally of 2020. Many of the tiktokers came together to buy seats in the trump rally only to not show up and leave the arena empty. Tiktok helped in conducting the mass false registration drive. It also played a big hand in the BlackLivesMatter cases by promoting videos and protests.


TikTok only allows most of the 30-sec videos to be uploaded. With these short videos, news portals have started uploading brief but informative quick videos. Unlike in google or youtube where there are long pages of and hours of content to be read and watched. Top news portals in Nepal like Setopati, Kantipur has also TikTok.

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In general, there are multiple kinds of awareness being spread on TikTok covering a range of topics. There is a lot of content where people share their story of being a victim or share ways of protecting themselves.

 Some activists share videos against capitalism, sexism, and racism. Like @agent.ofchaos who speaks about such important topics to her 141.2K followers. 


This does fall on a more obvious side but TikTok has a lot of people making videos on styling and fashion. Users like @rubyranashah Nepal’s first Miss Nepal markets her boutique and clothes by wearing them. She has 335.6K followers and 9 Million Likes!


As the backbone of TikTok is music, it markets a lot of them. These days slots of songs and artists are going viral solely. All thanks to TikTok. 

Once TikTok associates a trend with a song, the music’s records go up, up, and only up. For example, our own Nepali musician Curtis Waters’ song “Stunin” went viral because of a trend attached to it. 

Also, the song ‘Batas’ by Shashwot Khadka got popular because of the trend on TikTok.


These days TikTok has become a platform for personal branding too. Creating content to cater to audiences can give you recognition. 

Let’s take the example of Reshma Ghimire, Manjil Basnet, or Dipa-Damanta. They started as TikTok content creators, garnered huge fan followings, and now they are seen on many music videos.

Having said all, we can see how TikTok plays in marketing and promoting products and a lot of other subjects. Tiktok started as an entertainment platform but today its worth is much more than that. 

Although in Nepal, TikTok advertising is still in its earlier phases but is gaining popularity every day. And even the marketers in Nepal has started realizing its worth. 

I think it won’t be wrong to say TikTok is a new marketing tool.

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