Is YouTube an essential part of today?

The internet is replacing and creating alterations to almost everything. Especially social media have provided so many options and platforms for almost everything. From, education to business to skincare to health!

While telling all these, I bet you might have got YouTube on your mind. So today let us acknowledge the importance of youtube in our modern-day lives.


Youtube has seen a heavy need in today’s generation. It is one of the biggest platforms and has everything on it! But unlike as one may expect youtube has seen a great boost in education too. Education and youtube seem to go well with each other. 

A study by Pearson Education (2010), Social Media in Higher Education, found that YouTube is the most common social media service used to communicate with students. Not surprisingly, this communication tool provides an alternative to traditional methods of sharing information, including lectures, podcasts, and current news. 

Youtube seems to be a great source of education because it teaches students in a way of entertainment that not only catches but also holds their attention. This is a harder thing to come by in our classrooms. There are so many different teachers teaching with different perspectives and methods. You can find animated, lectures or a very fun narrative. This creates students various choices to understand and makes them want to study. 

YouTube can also be used as a repository for student digital work. Learners can set up their channels, and then save projects there with the added value of attracting public feedback, which in turn raises the standard of their work. This saved work can also be used on class blogs if you have one.


While on one hand, YouTube is helping students ease their learning for a better career. On the other hand, it can itself be a career.


Before, usually, a typical future career was a Doctor, Engineer, or sth like these. But today the scenario is different. There are many career options that people find viable for themselves. 

However, a new trending career, especially among the youth has become Youtube! People have explored a range of different career paths in the one almighty platform itself.

There are beauty gurus, vloggers, reactors, chefs, and various other content creators. These YouTubers kickstart their entire career and grow into legit businesses. 

Beauty gurus grow and launch their own beauty brands. Cover artists grow and launch their own music. Content creators also go into the mainstream entertainment industry. And educators have their own workspace and classes. 

This way, youtube not only allows people to earn right from home. But with enough commitment and success, it launches each of its influencers to a great destination related to their career. 

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Earning money through playing video games and posting on YouTube like Pawan Shahi is definitely a dream job for many gamers. Likewise, there are vloggers like Kichhy Vlogs and Logan Paul who earn money by vlogging. Channels like CartoonzCrew, also gain a lot of views through their dance videos. Reactors like James Shrestha also gain a lot of hype in their videos. 

They literally just shoot themselves spending their day and have millions of views for that! An even extremely surprising fact which explains the hype with a youtube career is that the richest YouTuber is an 8-year-old kid Ryan. 

His YouTube channel, Ryan’s World has videos of him opening and playing with toys. This might sound unbelievable, but one of his videos gained 1 Billion views. This is big news in the toy industry and he gets a lot of sponsors for them.

Even so, Youtube as a career may seem awfully simple and highly entertaining. Yet the starting process is the hardest. You never know what goes viral and what the people want. But once you get the attention you are set. 

Negative side

However, there is a risky lining to youtube as a career. There is always a loom of the threat of losing your viewers. The pressure to come up with great content daily gets very hard. 

There have been many YouTubers who once had loads of views and subscribers but have drifted away now. They do upload but they have lost a heavy chunk of their audience. 

Like in every sector of the entertainment industry, youtube also has different influencers trending, which change constantly. An example of this is Lilly Singh aka Superwoman. 

Lily had an enormous audience attracted to her comedic skits and immigrants relating to her skits. She had millions of views in every video but as time went on she has lost a lot of her audience. She recently got trolled on her new tv show “ A Little Late with Lilly”. 

The youtube career is a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes you are the most popular and earn loads of money. The next moment, you are getting trolled and it’s very hard to gain back your audience. 


Youtube has managed to replace and help in a lot of sectors of our lives. It has become a great educator for students with its great videos. It has become a source of entertainment with anything we would want from movies to music. In summary, youtube has great tutorials for anything! 

From carpentry to dancing to playing an instrument. They have millions of video lessons in equally diverse fields. People gain more attraction and hold attention to these videos than in a traditional classroom. 

Youtube has also been a source of income for many people. A place for impact, with activists uploading awareness videos. Youtube is one of the best platforms with its diversity and usefulness. 

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