Learn from the success of WaiWai!!

WaiWai is equivalent to the staple food of Nepal if we count on packaged foods. It is a great go-to snack for everyone in Nepal. Be it at school, at home, or with chatpate! 

It is not new news that it has seen great growth in all these years. Let us look deeper at the marvelous success it has achieved. 

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WaiWai was initially produced in Thailand by the Thai Preserved Food Factory Co Ltd. It was started in 1972. In 1984, Chaudhary Group built the noodle factory in Kathmandu in technical collaboration with the TPFF. 

At first, the Thai company did not see any potential for the noodles to be sold in Nepal with the amount of production a single plant would make. After Binod Chaudhary played a risky move and agreed to bear the market risk, it was soon clear that the demand was high. 

And soon, waiwai became a household name in Nepal. It became a necessity in every shop and home in Nepal. More manufacturing factories were set up around Nepal. 

And now, it has crossed the borders and has spread to many different countries in the world. In neighboring country India also waiwai has some impressive success rates. 


Setting up a factory in India was also definitely one of the milestones for the CG company. Every year India alone manufactures 2.3 billion packets of waiwai and exports them to 32 countries.

Another huge step for the noodle company is when they are now a global company. They have also reached European countries, through their productions in Serbia and Ruma.

WaiWai in India has become such a great success. Wai Wai competes with major companies like Nestle’s Maggi and ITC’s Yippee noodles. In efforts to further increase the success rate in India, they also intend on opening more manufacturing factories in Rajasthan. This takes the noodles closer towards South and West India.

Speaking of a more calculated growth of waiwai, huge news is that the market share of waiwai has grown up to 28% in India. G.P Sah, the global business head of CG Foods claims that the brand has been growing at a 20% year-on-year rate. Some reports even claim that currently, waiwai is the second most selling instant noodles in India after Maggie.

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WaiWai seems to have a stronger foothold in the North- East region which has Sikkim and the North Bengal region. But with the new Rajasthan project, it may increase to other states as well. 

Although Nepal already had Rara, the arrival of WaiWai is what revolutionized the noodle industry in Nepal. There have been multiple varieties of noodles entering the Nepali industry afterward. Currently, the trend is on Korean Spicy noodles.

We are sure that similar success will ensue in other countries as well as it did with India.

The success of WaiWai shows us that Nepalese companies can also make it as a global company. It is not always to be that Nepal takes in international food delicacies. Nepalese companies apart from food also have the potential to make it big in other countries and compete with their brands.

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