Make it big in your IT Career in Nepal!

While everything is getting more digitized, the Information Technology sector is taking a big leap. Since the new generation is turning more tech-savvy, it has given rise to a demand for experts in the field of IT. And the case in Nepal is also the same. Today, an IT career in Nepal is one promising career choice.

Since I am working in the IT field, I have seen how gradually the IT sector is growing. And the positive thing is there is no stopping for this career choice.


IT sector is one that is growing and developing constantly. IT skill is considered to be one of the most crucial and useful skills today. Everywhere IT professionals are in high demand. Hence, IT has become one of the most popular subjects of choice for students in Nepal. 

On the list of ‘LinkedIn’s: Top 15 In-Demand Jobs in 2021‘ also, 6 of the jobs listed among 15 are related to the IT sector. This gives a clear picture of the scopes of IT careers around the world and also the IT career in Nepal.

Recognizing this potential of IT, Nepal has established an IT Park in Kavre District. The park was made with an aim to develop software, promote IT-based businesses and promote investors in the related fields. This IT Park also houses Nepal’s first supercomputer. (the link is here.)

IT job


Software Engineer

A software engineer is one who handles the designing, developing, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of computer software. They can choose any platform among VB.NET, Delphi, Java, Visual Basic, to name a few. They usually fall under the list of high-paying jobs. So congratulations if you get one.

System Analyst

They prepare software needs specifications based on the need of the stakeholders. A systems analyst researches problems, plans solutions, recommends software and systems. And also coordinates development to meet business or other requirements. They also help programmers during the development of the software. This is also a good option for an IT career in Nepal.

Software Developer

A Software Developer is one who handles developing software for a company. Software developers get clients who have specific demands catering to their unique company. This means personalized software. Hence it does take time and effort but it pays equally well.

Project Manager

A project manager handles managing the assigned project. He coordinates the project-related communication with clients and manages the development team, distributes project work among the team members, tracks the progress of the projects, evaluates and reviews the progress of the project. In the context of Nepal Project Manager has a very good scope in software companies.

Web Developer

A Web Developer is accountable for the development of websites and web applications. There is a massive scope of PHP and Asp.Net in Nepal as they are popularly used. Since many of the companies or businesses do not have a technology team, they hire developers for their websites.

Web Designer

A Web Designer is the one liable not only for creating a website but also for decorating it. They tend to be creative and artistic as well. They have to work in making the websites attractive yet user-friendly. 

3D Animator

3D animation is highly popular these days. The best part about working in this field is that you can work for international companies right here from Nepal. There are many 3D Animators who complete projects and animations here on their computer and earn in dollars! 


Since online visibility of the business is a must for every company, there is where SEO comes in handy. With the right dedication, SEO specialists can skyrocket your business online. Also, social media experts are responsible for using the power of social media to grow business. This is somehow new to Nepal, yet, the demand is increasing every next day.


No company can thrive with expert Database Developers. Major other workings like software development can not be conducted without a proper database. With the rise of the number and quality of development companies, there is a growing demand for good Database Developers.

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Scenario Of Demand and Supply In Nepal

All above-mentioned jobs are only some representatives of IT careers in Nepal. Hence the need for IT professionals in Nepal is very high. 

But unfortunately, the story for need and supply is different. Although the number of IT professionals is increasing every day, the need for skillful people is yet to be fulfilled.

Before in Nepal doctors, engineers were considered the highest paid jobs. But now the scenario is changing. Everyone is realizing the values of IT fields. And also realizing that without IT professionals, the work of doctors is also not easy.

While smartphones and laptops have become a part of everyone’s life, the need for IT professionals is sure to increase. Well, in few years we hope to see improvement in the supply and demand of IT persons. And also the development of IT sectors in Nepal.

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