Missed your 1st dose of the covid vaccine? Get it now.

Nepal is seeing a very strong hit of the second COVID-19 wave. Each day is seeing more cases than the last. On 12th May 2021, 9,238 positive cases were confirmed in Nepal. The total number of cases now reaching, 422,349. Meanwhile, 4,444 patients have recovered taking the total number of recoveries to 316,463. 

Last year this time, the country was under a similar state and after the situation had lightened up there were signs of hope. Yet we seem to have come in a circle and landed under a much more critical state. 

The situation right now is very serious, the virus should not be taken lightly, and abide by the lockdown rules. The best thing anyone could do right now is to STAY AT HOME! 

As of 7th May 2021, only 362,001 people have been fully vaccinated with double jabs. And 2,091,511 people have taken the first dose of the vaccination. Although this may seem like many people it is only 7.3% of the entire Nepalese population and not enough at all.

Get the first dose

After India had sent 1 million doses of its CoviShield to Nepal, the vaccination drive was possible. After that, China had also sent its SinoPharm VeroCell vaccines which were being used by Nepal. For people who missed the opportunity to get the first jab, there is still a chance to receive the vaccine. Although filling out the form below, will not guarantee immediate vaccination. Yet, you will be informed as soon as the vaccine is available in your area. 


This form will help in giving out information on which center you want to vaccinate. The details from this application will be for the planning and management of actions related to vaccination at the municipality level. This form is a voluntary individual application form to be filled by people 18 years of age or above. The information needed to fill out this form are: 

  • Name and Address
  • Ward number
  • The contact information like Mobile number and email address.
  • Legal documents of identification like Passport, Citizenship card, Voters ID.
  • Current health condition, there are some options to choose from.

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The US Government has provided 100 ventilators, 10,000 PPE suits, breathing devices, and other health items as help to Nepal. Besides, they have also provided $39.9 million in aid to Nepal.

Nepalese working in the Middle East is planning to send 550 oxygen cylinders to Nepal which will most probably arrive in Nepal on Saturday, 15th May. The cost is said to have been almost NRs 75 lakhs collected by themselves. It proves the love nonresident Nepalese have for their motherland.

This does show that in time of need Nepal has been given aid and that there is a light of hope. It is hard to stay motivated and optimistic at times as sensitive as right now. However, we need to be safe as much as possible, rest, and pray. The COVID patients will surely recover with these added aids and the lockdown will most definitely help in controlling the cases from going further out of hand.

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