Nepal Government criticised for using Video Confereincing

Government of Nepal has been criticised for holding the Meeting of Cabinet through Video Conferencing.

Former F1soft CEO Asgar Ali has been working as Advisor of technology for the Prime Minister. This has brought several changes in the technology diaspora. One of which has been the Video Conferencing that allows Ministers to attend a cabinet meeting from anywhere.

But immidiately after the news surfaced, there are three types of criticism those are making rounds on the internet. First, Nepal Government is making a Hype of using a Facebook Live or Youtube live to draw unnecessary attention. Second wave of the criticism followed when Asgar Ali tried to clarify the situation in facebook mentioning encryption, cloud server and VPN that they use. The criticism followed asking for exact details on what servers, what kind of VPN and what exact technology is used.

The other criticism is away from technology. People are worried that when Meeting of the Cabient takes place over a video conference when PM is outside the country what kind of examples are we setting.

These critism would be baseless, only if there was a clear policy or guideline to explain the scope, usage and technology. Nepal needs a lot of homework before adopting technology. But the later is happening first. Government is eager to adopt technology even before a proper policy is in place. This will only slow down the government from achieving its goals.

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