Nepali Apps that got recognition among audiences.

Apps are definitely some of the most advancing creations in the digital world. Nowadays, there are apps for what seems to be almost everything. Social media, tutoring, recipes, music and even to measure things. 

Personalized applications are what make them successful and popular. Nepalese applications have also seen a boom in both supplies as well as demand. There are tons of Nepali apps released in the market. And today we are going to look further into which ones have succeeded the most. 


Hamro Patro, released in 2010 the app was simply a digital Nepali calendar. But with time it has upgraded to a ranging platform with many new sections. 

It now has expanded by adding categories like news, horoscope, foreign exchange, market rates of gold and silver, and games among more. And, it became a one-stop app for many Nepali netizens to get their information. 

Recently, it reached an impressive milestone of reaching 10 million downloads! Congratulations to Shankar Raj Uprety who made such an achievement through something using completely local information and sources. 


Biswas Dhakal’s eSewa is one of the top apps in Nepal currently. Being the first interface in Nepal regarding digital transactions, it had naturally gained many downloads. 

It was booming due to its ease of transferring money online and even bills! Bills that otherwise took long lines and hours of waiting at the municipality office. The app was a boon to all Nepalese people. Although there have been many other apps eSewa being the first definitely has to be the most popular one. 

A lot of banks have associated this digital wallet to make transactions easier. With 1 million+ download, it is one of the most used Nepali apps today.


A platform that brings food right to people’s doorstep was bound to make this list. Foodmandu has surpassed about 100k downloads and is in full use. 

It is highly popular among youth and families as well. As people avoid going out to eat these days, its business is definitely booming. Before the pandemic to foodmandu was highly in use.

Ordering food from outside was made so much easier through the app. Manohar Adhikari’s Foodmandu has evolved and gained many sponsorships. One of its largest sponsors is Coca-Cola. Foodmandu also offers many offers in collaboration with restaurants around town. 


Nepal’s first ride-sharing app, Tootle, is definitely doing great. 

In Fact, observing from tootle’s success Bangladeshi company, Pathao also opened in Nepal. Tootle is a highly notable impressive startup by Sixit Bhatta. It opened up as offering two-wheeler rides, and now it also includes cars! 

Many people started using this interface as it was so much easier and cheaper than hailing a cab and much more comfortable than a jam-packed bus. It is easy to use, cheap, fast and efficient. 

There have followed many similar cabs hailing and ride-sharing apps that have been introduced since the success of tootle which is why Tootle definitely is one of the most successful and popular applications in the Nepali app market. 

English Nepal Dictionary

Hamro Patro’s English Nepali Dictionary is the first Nepalese app that can be used offline. Users can translate using either of the languages. It also has some word games to make learning more fun. 

You can also learn how to pronounce the hearing function. This is highly helpful to the tourists visiting Nepal and equally helpful for Nepalese visiting outside. Similarly, it’s also helpful for Nepalese people simply trying to learn the English language. 

Telecommunication Apps

Telecommunications apps of Ncell, Smart cell, and NTC have also been quite popular. It makes many things easier for the user such as buying packs and activating certain functions. Most apps also allow you to top up your balance simply by scanning the card. These apps make using facilities offered by your SIM card much more easier and informative. 

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Nepalese people love Dashain due to many reasons and playing cards is definitely one of them. 

Card games in Nepal are like nothing in other countries. It is one of the many things unique to each country and culture. has released two such apps regarding cards which have been gaining quite a lot of fame. 

The games are “Marriage” and “ Call Breaker”. They have released two of these apps based on their namesake card games which seem to be doing fairly well among adults. It allows them to practice for Dashain and something entertaining to play while waiting in lines. 


Online apps that allow people to order groceries to their doorstep have also been quite successful. 

Kharpan provides fresh vegetables to your doorstep in addition they are cleaned and packed. This is also one of the applications which got boosted during the pandemic since people avoid going to markets and shops and reduce public contact as much as possible. There are some more similar apps which also have similar service and success like metroTarkari and SabjiLand. 


Daraz is definitely one of the most successful Nepalese apps. It is the largest online shop serving one of the most diverse ranges of products. From electronics to food, to clothing and beauty products. It attracted more than 10 million users already in Nepal. 

In addition to COVID-19, it attracted even more customers. Due to its cash on delivery, 7-day return and cheap rates Daraz has become a common app on most phones.

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