Nepali startups that got recognition even beyond Nepal!

Startups in Nepal have seen quite a boom. The youths of Nepal are coming up with creative and innovative ideas for startups. 

Already we have many startups in Nepal that have gained a lot of popularity, love, & support from the people. Let’s take the example of tootle or esewa. They are now a part of almost every Nepali people. 

But there are exceptional startups in Nepal that have got recognition not only in Nepal but in the International arena too.


1.Offering Happiness

Offering happiness is an award-winning ‘Surprise Planner’ in Nepal. They have been spreading happiness through a varied range of experiences & gift packages. Offering happiness promotes celebration with a unique way of implementing it. 

They are a one-stop-shop for delivering all gifting needs. Be it flowers, cakes, plants, personalized gifts, experiences, surprise packages & more. 

With their amazing idea, now they have been featured for the documentary “ Own The Room”. Directed by Emmy Award-winning directors Cristina Costantini and Darren Foster, it will stream on Disney plus. Now, this an achievement for a startup from Nepal. Also an inspiration for the new ones.

Watch the trailer of “Own The Room” here.

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2.Online Kaam

OnlineKaam is a digital employment platform that connects talents with suitable job opportunities. And they aim it amid and post-pandemic with work-from-home opportunities. 

They believe that employing the talent will lead to development. It might be slow but surely. Hence they decided to develop a platform where they could bridge the gap between talent and employment. 

And now OnlineKaam has secured the nomination for the global startup awards. They have been nominated in 4 different categories. 

Bikas Pokharel, the founder of OnlineKaam, said that the company is representing Nepal in the categories of Startup of the Year, Founder of the Year, Best Virtual Team Work Solution, and Best New Comer of the Year.

Kudos to the team of OnlineKaam!!


As we can see Nepali startups have been rising and gaining the recognition they deserve not only in our local communities but in International awards as well. This gives us an idea about how the youth or these startups in Nepal are helping to fuel the nation. 

Having said all this, we hope to see more startups in Nepal getting the recognition they deserve in the future.

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