Nepali startups who rejected failure.

In Nepal, where people believe that a 9-5 government job is an ideal job how will startups make their place? It’s an interesting topic to discuss, isn’t it?

Well, despite this fact, Nepal has seen plenty of rising startups in the past few years. This proves the amount of potential and determination lurking around in our country. 

The Nepali startup culture is set to have a great innovative future with the leading examples set by current startups. These startups, which are now doing exceptionally well, have faced and overcome great challenges. 

Nepali startups go through plenty of complications. Well, it’s more like the story won’t be a great one if there are no challenges. So today let’s look at such Nepali startups that rejected failure and paved their path to success.


Established in 2009, eSewa is a household name today. I am sure everyone, even you, the reader has an esewa account. Esewa is South Asia’s first digital wallet, licensed Payment Service Provider from Nepal Rastra Bank (Central Bank of Nepal). 

It is a subsidiary company of F1Soft International. A leading FinTech company of Nepal. Team eSewa has been working tirelessly to achieve its vision to create a cashless economy. 

For this, the company has onboarded more than 150k merchants, 50+ Banks, and Financial Institutions (BFIs). And even established a wider network of agents nationwide.


The greatest reason why eSewa is so popular and widely accepted is that it provides ease. Earlier ee Nepalese had to stay in long lines to pay the bills, but with eSewa you can do it in a few clicks on your phone! 

And of course, it is free and easy to use. Anyone can download it and anyone can use it.

And the man behind this amazing little startup turned huge company is Biswas Dhakal. He was a man greatly interested in technology. 

Although his initial journey did not go as smoothly as it may look now it is a story worth acknowledging. Dhakal persisted and has reached his destination. 

Because of eSewa, today digital payment has been quite popular in Nepal. With eSewa, Biswas has created one of the best startup stories in Nepal, setting examples and inspiration for people to follow. 


There is a highly unlikely chance that you have not heard of this ride-sharing app. Whether to go to hang out with your friends, returning from a party to avoid MAPASE or you did not find any cabs in a rush Tootle is here for you! 

This start-up by Sixit Bhatta also definitely has defied all odds and reached its success. It provides easy employment for people with just a need for a license and an easier method of getting a ride. 


Tootle through the words of Bhatta himself was “ born out of boredom when our previous plan didn’t work out”. Tootle is the product of not losing hope, unique thinking, and innovation. 

This service has become a trendsetter and a huge revolution towards the ride sharing application platform in Nepal. Following its immense success, international company Pathao also opened its services in Nepal. Nepal, which always made a market for itself, attracted an international company towards it. And now there are plenty of ride sharing and hailing applications found. All from the product of “boredom”. 


Manohar Adhikari is the man behind this great food delivery website, now an app. 

Foodmandu is one of the apps almost every Nepali has on their phone. Actually, this might don’t even need any introduction. Their growth and reach are one to be admired. 

Foodmandu grew from a food delivery website to an app. To create great partnerships and deals with its restaurants, having sponsored by coca-cola one of the widest multinational corporations, and to inspiring more like itself like Bhoj deals! Whew! That’s some impressive progression right here. 


From figuring out how to keep food warm during delivery to identifying the correct houses in our city with no proper culture of using street addresses, it was no easy task. 

When they started, they only had 4 employees but now they have around 24. Initially, they used to have an average of 3-4 orders a day but now it reaches over 100.

Well, the journey of Foodmandu was also not an easy one where people were skeptical about ordering food online. Nevertheless, overcoming these complications foodmandu has risen victorious. And is one of the top food delivery companies in Nepal.

Offering happiness 

Offering happiness is a website where the customers can buy many varieties of gifts for their loved ones abroad or here in Nepal. The reason it stands out different from other similar platforms is its unique products. They do not only have the basic gifts rather they are also focused on selling experiences. 

Well, selling experiences might sound weird so let’s say offering experiences as their name suggest.

They offer a special birthday wish messages package. Where Nepali, as well as Bollywood celebrities, send personalized wishes for your occasions. It might sound unusual but yes they offer this. This is a very unique and special gift. 

offering happiness

They also broadcast messages in movie halls for loved ones. They offer highly unique and special gift services. As a result of their efforts, they have been featured for the documentary “ Own The Room by National Geographic and streamed on Disney plus. This gives positive exposure to our Nepalese startup. 

Great minds behind this, as cofounders of this website, are Niraj Kafle, Santosh Pandey, and Darshan Parajuli. They are also a great example for Nepalese startups as they have gained so much exposure and acceptance. An acceptance not only in Nepal but even outside the country.

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Key Message

Well, these are some of the representatives of top Nepali startups that came in limelight. However, there are some more startups. And all these had to go through many amounts of challenges and hard work to be in the place today. 

They prove that sheer dedication and hard work is all a dreamer needs to make their dreams come true. 

Of course, the journey will never be smooth but these founders each have a struggle story. Each of them has faced great problems yet they persisted through and have become glorious winners in the Nepali startup community. Inspiring teenagers to do something in Nepal, showing them that Nepal also has great opportunities, and setting an example for fellow entrepreneurs. 

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