Nepali women in the IT industry.

We have come a long way in recognizing that, there is no field that women can not excel at. So in this Women’s day season, we tend to look at some of the most influential Nepalese women in the IT industry. 

From house duties to business leaders to activists for their rights these are a few everyday things women go through. They raise the entire lives of their children with their own through businesses. Hence, there are some exceptional examples in the technology industry as well. Let’s look at some of them to inspire and make us proud. 


She started as a web developer. And after gaining experience in various IT firms, she opened one of her Spiker Solution.

One of her most notable works is the Nepali Speech Synthesizer software, a project initiated by the Nepali Association of the Blind (NAB). She is the Lead Software Engineer for this project. This project has a phenomenal aim to provide access to news, course books, and Nepali content from the internet to the community of visually challenged persons. Her work uncovers an entirely different world to the visually challenged people whose struggle would have gone unnoticed.


Her impact can be found in the involvement to boost women’s entrepreneurship. She does so with the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs’ Association of Nepal (FWEAN). In FWEAN she helped revive their e-commerce website targeted to women entrepreneurs all across Nepal.


Basukala is the definition of “best of both worlds”. As a working mom, she was the Deputy Director at Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA). She has had high responsibility for highly technical aspects in her duty.

She worked in the formulation and implementation of Cyber Security Byelaw, 2020 after feeling the necessity for proper cybersecurity regulations in the telecom sector after she was investigating cyber incidents in that field.


Roja was also elected as the Vice President of the Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation. And was appointed as an advisor of the Women in ICT Committee of the Federation of Computer Association of Nepal. This shows that once a woman is set to a job she does it well! 


Only a 25-year old Shreeti works as a Software Engineer at one of the top healthcare informatics companies in Nepal, Cotiviti Nepal Pvt Ltd.

Her work specializes in providing advanced data analytics to help payers and providers collaborate to create and manage value-based healthcare delivery and payment. Besides this, she is also involved in Dallo Tech Pvt Ltd. Which is a young innovative tech startup that focuses on problem-solving services for the Nepali community.


What makes her an even more impressive personality is that she achieved her goals despite her rare genetic disease. Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which makes her wheelchair-bound. She has inspired a lot of women to join and explore the technology industry despite any limitations they think they have.


Timila has contributed to the development of STEM as well as other fields in Nepal in many ways. She is a national-level policy planner who worked for a year as a Member of the ICT Advisory Board under the PM’s office.

She is a pioneering educator in the area of information technology and computer engineering. Thapa served the eng. faculty of Institute of Engineering (IOE) of Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Her diverse roles also include being an industrial administrator, an entrepreneur, and a social reformer working for the upliftment of women, child-education, and youth employment. 


Her great efforts lead to the creation of the first-ever Computer Engineering program in the history of Nepal at the IOE.

And she has also been running her software company Designco Nepal since 1991.

She is an all-rounder who has done great things in each of her expertise fields.

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Rumee has made great accomplishments consisting of her two most important values, technology, and social impact.

She founded Hamro LifeBank as part of the Rumsam Group. It is a web service that uses a data-informed approach to cut out the stress involved in finding and managing blood for patients. They were also able to launch a data-centric blood hotline in 2020 with support from America Nepal Medical Foundation. This hotline has been monumental in supporting plasma requests during the pandemic. 


Rumee has also launched Katha4Nepal during the lockdown. An online community-driven platform for children to learn through stories through which they aim to empower future inspiring leaders.

She has also been actively pushing the concept of blockchain technology. Her team piloted a blockchain project that tracked the farm-to-finger journey of ‘junar’ by scanning QR codes on the fruit. 

She set an example on how wisely one can use one time. During the lockdown, she has planned and implemented so many helpful projects. 

Her wonders are not only limited to Nepal. In the US she has successfully managed educational programs including financial literacy programs featuring the great, Warren Buffett himself and STEM programs for Intel & Disney!

She is a very big contributor and influential woman in Nepal.

The first image a person would have when they think of a scientist or a computer engineer would be a man. But today the scenario is different. 

These 5 women are only representatives of women in the IT field of Nepal. But there are more who has done impeccable things for the IT industry. 

These women have inspired future generations to not shy out from opportunities and achieve their dreams. 

Happy Women’s Day!! 

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