Netizen’s reaction to the launch of Nagarik App!!

It has already been more than a month since the launch of the Nagarik app. Around this period, the Nagarik app has been able to garner the eyeball of the majority. Alone in the android version, the app has crossed 100K+ downloads. A section of people has appreciated this step of the government. Whereas, a section of people has issues with the app.

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room first. It is a beta version of the app and the final version is yet to launch. Nevertheless, since it is available for every public, hence positive & negative feedbacks are sure to follow.

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Netizen’s Reaction

Although it is yet to release its final version, let’s look at how netizens have reacted to the Nagarik app.

As I said earlier many people have supported this step, hence they have shown their support through their social media handles also.

But there is another section of the audience that has addressed the issues with the Nagarik App.

One user on Reddit has raised one major issue that the app doesn’t support smart cell numbers. Let’s think about it a little. 

Smart Telecom, is the third-largest telecom company in Nepal. It is a private company providing telecom services and licensed under the government of Nepal. And currently, it has around 1.7 lakh, 4G users. Then why does the app by the same government doesn’t support the sim from them? Doesn’t it seem like boycotting those 1.7 lakh users from the app? It is a major issue that needs a solution right away.

If the problem is from the end of Smart Telecom also that needs to be addressed ASAP.

A Twitter user Adhikari, K. tweeted about the safety of citizen’s personal information and data privacy in the Nagarik app. And that is one legit topic for discussion in the country where government websites are often hacked by hackers.

Another Twitter user Binod Bhandary tweeted, after so many attempts only he was able to connect his voter ID. And now he is unable to connect his citizenship and passport as the app says invalid details. 

Another Twitter account Cyber World was found saying, seems like just 10% was used for the development of the app and the rest 90% as commission. And we can’t blame Cyber World for this thought and we all know why.

Regardless these are just representative reactions of the netizens. There are different sections of audiences with a different opinion about the app.

What the creator of the Nagarik App has to say about this?

Meanwhile, according to the cybersecurity analyst of Nagarik App, there have been more than 11 lakh 47 thousand 281 cyber attacks since the app went public. Since the attacks were attempted using VPN, it is difficult to trace the location and IP address. Yet, the developer has been able to tackle the cyber attack.

Having said all this, this step of the government is for sure praiseworthy. But there is yet to do so many things to make it a successful initiative.

First thing first, many users are facing issues with the OTP verification of the app. That is the first thing no app developer or users would ever want to encounter.

Another major problem is having no details of the user’s document’s record. Well, how can a government issue documents without keeping a record of them? The government needs to fill this loophole.

nagarik app issue

Privacy concern about the app has always been the top topic of discussion. Hence, the govt. needs to assure the public about the safety of their information. 

The Nagarik app is yet to add a driving license feature which is one important documents for many. It is yet to upgrade the educational certificates more than higher secondary level.

Also, the land ownership document and bank account details of individuals are upcoming features in the Nagarik app. 

With all these details in a single app, the public won’t be easily able to trust the Nagarik app. While the app still seems prone to hacking, the govt. should assure the safety of all details.

Hence, there is a lot of work for the govt. to earn credibility from the public. Most importantly, the government needs to understand that the beta version cannot be always an excuse.

Fingers crossed!!

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