Now consult with a doctor online with Nepclinic.

With the COVID cases rising rapidly, each day more cases than before, Nepal is under the turmoil of this threatening virus. At times like this, going outside our houses is one of the biggest mistakes one could make. 

But what to do if there is a health problem? 

The hospitals are a red zone with COVID patients filling to the brim. Many hospitals have stopped taking on more patients as there are no more resources or medication to help them. This is a big crisis. For people at home, who need medical attention, is there no choice?


Now with the help of technology, people can seek medical consultation right at home. They do not have to choose between medical attention or getting the virus. 

NepClinic is one such platform and here is everything about it.

What is Nepclinic?

NepClinic is a digital platform that helps connect patients to the best healthcare service providers near them. There is ranging access to Doctors, Clinics, hospitals, and Diagnostic Labs all from your home!

One of the most helpful attributes of this platform is video consultations. Chatting is not as effective or helpful and through video communications, the doctor can visually see the signs of symptoms and makes a more understanding diagnosis.

Patient management tools and electronic health records are also available on this site. 


NepClinic has a wide range of doctors ready for online consultancy. The doctors are from ranging specialties. Some of the medical fields include:

  • Dermatology
  • Medical Officer
  • Physician
  • Dentistry
  • Radiology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pediatric
  • Orthopedics

The users can either consult with the doctors online or book them.

Lab Tests

They also have a section dedicated to lab tests. This allows users to find hassle-free lab tests near them. There is also a description of diagnostic tests with descriptions and prices available. 

Users can look for different diagnostic tests like Complete Blood Count, Blood Sugar Tests, Thyroid Function Tests, and Screening for many organs.

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How to start in Nepclinic?

The very first thing to do will be to sign up for an account on the platform.

For this, the user has to enter their:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Password
  • And mention if you are a doctor, patient, or a clinic.

After this, you can search for the doctor from the category you are seeking. There are multiple doctors in the same field to choose from.

You can consult online with the doctor or book for later. Booking appointments have been made extremely easy for people with this online system. There are also lab tests to choose and search for related to the health issue.

Other Similar Platform

Another website that offers medical services to people online is HamroDoctor. 

HamroDoctor offers consultancies with Doctors regarding, Corona,

General Health issues among others.

They also have Health Packages for the Hospital or Clinic of your choice. Payments are done through easy methods like eSewa, IME Pay, and more.

Another helpful feature they have is that anyone can ask a question regarding a health issue they are facing. They can even ask it anonymously and a health official will be answering it completely free of charge.

In this way, people are not completely abandoned and at a dead stop for their health problems. They do not have to wait until matters get serious and can consult with a doctor ASAP.

Last Words

At times like this, health is the number one priority for everyone. There should not be any ignorances or risks taken. People who have health issues other than the coronavirus may feel lost as going to the hospital is highly unsafe. 

In addition to this people who have corona but are home isolated can also consult with doctors about their conditions if it is not getting critical. This will allow them to stay home in isolation and not risk people by going outside. These health websites like NepClinic are very useful and should be supported and used by people. 

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