Shady Domain Registration in Nepal

If you reside in Nepal then at different point of time you might have wanted to make a website from Nepal. That is when most of use realize how shady domain business is in Nepal.

To understand the Domain Registration in Nepal issue, you have to move your attention away from Domain Registration and Focus into the monetary policy of Nepal. This probihits any Nepalese to hold or transact in foreign currency. There are exceptions but with a lot of if-else clauses. This has created a big problem in IT industry in Nepal. But Nepalese are Nepalese. They survived the 9 months long blockade so they have also reinvented ways to register domain. Here are some lesser known methods.

  1. Ask your friend in US.
    Most freelancers even to this date, use ask your US Friend, method to register domain. This is a slow process might not work in many cases but has helped many freelancers survive. But this obviously comes with time lags, hassles and lack of control in the domain.
  2. Go to a psudo-software company
    There are hundreds of “So called software company” which have been in the market since a long time. They claim to be a software company but all they do is make websites, mostly in wordpress. We don’t have any problem with that. But they will register your domain for sure. However, you will surely end up being overly charged or even black mailed for your favorite domain.
  3. Use your ATM Card to buy domain from GoDaddy
    No, you can not buy a domain with your ATM Card issued in Nepal to buy domain from Godaddy. But you can buy domain locally in local currency. Some of the popular are

These are the two methods which are tested and prooved by author of this article. OhoDomain is one of the first company which started the service. Whereas BrainFoxs is one of the new that operates in same modality as OhoDomain.

We could not find more methods. If you have come accross any site, people or services that provide this kind service do let us know in the comments.

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