Shark Tank Nepal Announced For 2021!

Shark Tank, a platform where aspiring entrepreneurs get the opportunity to show their respective ideas to judges who are willing to become investors. An amazing idea by Mark Brunnett, an even amazing idea? Shark Tank in Nepal.

We Nepalese have always been watching western TV shows. And now with time, we are seeing our own Nepali version of such shows. Nepal Idol, Dancing with the Stars Nepal, and now, thanks to Himalaya TV HD we are soon to get our Shark Tank Nepal too!

shark tank nepal


Shark Tank Nepal is amazing news not because of its entertainment aspect. But rather it’s potential towards developing the start-up culture in Nepal.

Nepal has seen quite a few successful startups in recent times such as:

  • Tootle: A product of “sheer boredom & a deeper interest in trying something new” said Sixit Bhatta the creator of Tootle.
  • Foodmario: In 2 years, Rohit Tiwari has established Foodmario as one of the successful start-ups in Nepal. After failing in six different entrepreneurship ventures finally he is making it big.
  • Metrotarkari: A smart way of buying your groceries created by Anil Basnet. Especially during the current time where social distancing is so crucial.

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Creating a startup is no light work. It holds extreme amounts of pressure, hard work, and sheer determination. And Shark tank aims in making the journey easier by giving the entrepreneurs a chance to get investors and proper guidance for them.

The show consists of judges who are ready to invest in business ideas they find intriguing. And the interesting part, the judges are referred to as sharks. That is how the show got its name Shark Tank.

The judges find weaknesses and faults in an entrepreneur’s valuation of their company, product, or business model. Still, they can get a lot of essential suggestions and lessons in case they get them rejected.

Companies gain massive exposure on Shark Tank. Some companies might get nationwide recognition after airing on the show.

Speaking of example, Nepalese brothers Nishes and Suman Shrestha accompanied by their father Sujan had brought their product (Himalayan Dog Chew) to the show. They had turned our local recipe of Churpi into a dog chew. The judges were even pleased with the product. Yet, the brothers did not accept the deal they were offered.

But even without a deal, the product did gain attention and exposure from the public, especially from the Nepalese crowd living in the States.


Shark Tank Nepal will guide the entrepreneurs on how to turn ideas into a real business. They will teach you about the basics of business, what to do, what not to do, how to be an entrepreneur, your pitch, your character, your communication skills, your commitment, your preparation, your passion, your courage, your vision, your grind, and your belief in yourself.

Let’s summarize as Shark Tank Nepal will be a tv show that will be productive and informative for the viewers as well as participants.


The show will soon be aired on Himalaya TV HD where shows like Roadies, The Voice, and Dancing with the Star have already been aired.

The first announcement of Shark Tank Nepal was in September 2020. And the channel has promised to release the show by 2021.

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