If you have a phone that can shoot a video, then its time to hit that upload button and start making money. YouTube is a great platform that can be your dream job or can earn you a great living only if you can express what your target audience expects and wants to see from you. YouTube is not as simple as it looks and you cannot get to heights or grow as a professional YouTuber simply by shooting and uploading some random videos. But, don’t worry we will be teaching you some of the techniques or guidelines that can make you reach those heights and grow as a professional YouTuber. Here we go:

1. What you can give to the viewers:

                At first, you need to realize and analyze what you can provide to your audience. By giving we are not referring to any material stuff, it is what content you can provide to your audience. You do not have knowledge about everything, in fact, none of us have. So, you need to know your qualities and your knowledge. What do you know that others don’t know or what you can offer that others cannot have or cannot afford? That thing is the stuff you can start a YouTube channel on.

2. Selecting a niche and target audience:

             You might have knowledge on various things and might can provide different types of videos on YouTube but to grow as a successful YouTuber you need to select a specific category or niche in which you can express what your audience really wants. Niches can be educational videos, travel, gaming, cooking and so on. You need to select a particular niche and create videos related to that category focusing on your target audience. Target audience is the group of people whom you expect and want to watch your videos. They can be children, youths or elders. The majority of YouTubers have started YouTube by uploading videos regarding a specific category. These professionals narrow down their content to a specific niche from a wide range of categories and are engaged with that narrowed target audience.

3. Developing as a YouTuber

               Now that you have uploaded your first video, you need to maintain certain things to keep your audience engaged and grow constantly as a YouTuber. The first thing you need to do is to upload constantly. You have to upload videos at regular intervals maybe twice a week or daily or any pattern. So, your audience will develop a sense of belief in you that you are around there for continually updating and engaging them. This will make people engage with your channel and increase your following.  Another important thing to keep in mind is to make your viewers engaged throughout the video. They can get bored and will stop watching if you provide a similar type of presentation such as constant speaking. So make sure you use your creative skills to engage your audience throughout the video by mixing different visuals, music, and other interesting stuff. We can take a look at Sisan Baniya, probably the most well established Nepali YouTuber. He provides a different mix of flavors and things to keep the audience engaged such as mind-blowing views of places and nature, information, humor, thrills, and mix of music so that his viewers are entertained and watch the full video.

               Now that you have known the techniques and necessary drills to start a YouTube channel, all that’s left is to upload a video and start your dream journey. Of course, you will not get that much of views and followers from your first videos. It may take you 20 or 30 or even 50 videos to get noticed but your effort you put into your videos will pay you certainly. The channel named Mr. Beast didn’t get that much noticed until 2017 even though he had posted around 1000 videos till then but in two years now he has around 28 million subscribers at this time and gets millions of views in every video. So don’t lose hope when you don’t grow fast, who knows maybe your next video might get viral and hit a million views.

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