Talk360: Call anywhere, online or offline

With Talk360, you can make calls to the devices that are not connected to the internet.

In an age, when the internet seems to be the go-to name for any innovation, Talk360, a mobile-based communication platform helps you bypass limitations of fully-internet based services like WhatsApp and Viber. With the Talk360 app, and an Internet connection you can call any person in any device not connected to the internet including landlines, just like a normal ISD call.

 While to a mere onlooker, the application looks to have taken a step back. Why in the world would someone make a solution for internet-less when the world is moving towards internet connectivity? But the answer is resoundingly simple and backed by data. Almost half the world is still offline, and this application makes connecting to that half cheaper, faster and easier.

Think of all the Nepalese that have gone abroad for jobs. Most of them have an internet connection and a smart-phone that they can use the application on. But, most of them don’t have such facilities in the remote villages that they come from. Their parents and family members that they could so easily talk to are less connected than we know—for a variety of reasons.

Talk360 is for these very people.

Developed by Hans Osnabrugge, a serial entrepreneur based in the Netherlands, the Talk360 app is currently piloting its operations in India and is looking to help Nepalese in India connect with their families back home more easily. A normal ISD call from India to Nepal costs us INR 7.99 per minute, which is at two rupees cheaper for a crisp, clear communication via Talk360.

So next time you make are looking to make a normal call from India to Nepal, probably try Talk360, and see the benefits for yourself.

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