Technology making us smart or dumb?

Technology, one of the constantly evolving and improving subjects of our current life. A measuring tool for how developed our life has become. 

From horse cart to an electronic car, from a telephone to hundreds of different tools neatly packed to one mobile phone from watching the moon to stepping on it. Technology has grown possession in every aspect of our lives. 

It has been so incorporated into our daily life it is impossible to imagine how our ancestors lived before without its benefits. For something that has become a part of us, what kind of harm or good does it do to our intelligence? Is this increasing dependence good? Are we getting smarter or dumber? 

These high-end technologies that we marvel about are at the end of the made by us humans ourselves! There are many ways technology has a positive light shed on its users. 


Education, one of the most important things for people to learn and excel in their fields. One of the many determinants of a person’s intelligence. Technology has made available billions & trillions of resources at every individual’s fingertips. Learning on the internet has no limits! 

With the ongoing pandemic and harmful air pollution, education would have been completely halted if not for the great technology and internet which made continuing education possible. 

Technology has also allowed people to aim outside their country or place. People who wish to study a subject, not available in their country, can still apply for a university in a foreign. The exchange of students has also been one of the contributions to the education field. 

Active reflex and coordination

Video games, many curse it for capturing their kids in their room. However, these games include very complex and active animations. Kids who excel at the games have immaculate hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes. 

Being aware if someone might pull up a gun behind them at any moment, makes these gamers aware in real life too. This is very important for general self-defense too. It also stimulates their social side. 


Technology has most certainly made humans into highly efficient beings. The human brain can only store so much information. Being able to retrieve information within a second takes the load off the brain and creates space for more important thinking. With any problems humans have faced, technology has helped them to overcome them. 

Communicating through long distances, reaching out to millions of people through social media, taking out results of arithmetic in a gif. These time and energy-saving traits of technology definitely make a human more efficient in their other fields.


Technology really pushes us to be creative. Although it may not seem like it, through small steps it really pushes us to find our creative side. Whether it’s to think of a caption for a picture, or to follow one of the internet’s trends, even if it’s making a meme or editing your pictures all these really tickle your creative side. 

Like learning one of TikTok’s dances, creating and watching youtube videos, and of course games. There is nothing as a boundary and people can create lots of different results of exploring their creativity. 

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Other Side of Technology

Unfortunately, there are also some negative effects technology may have. Consciously or unconsciously there are some ways that technology has made people’s skills slack.


One of the massive questions on technology is the immense dependence we have developed towards it. It is impossible to do many things these days without technology. 

Although it is not necessarily a negative side, it makes people dumb and almost disabled without the technology. You won’t know anyone’s number to call, from GPS tracking everywhere you may not be familiar with common streets and people can not retrieve information without googling it. We should be able to do basic things without the help of technology. 


Technology has most definitely made us less social. We get connected to devices and the internet more than with people. In any restaurant, party, or social setting, we can find many teenagers and people clinging to their phones. 

People eating together also seem to go through their mobile phones throughout their meeting. It is way easier to add someone to your Facebook friend list than actually making friends. We humans are social beings and we do need real-life physical friends for better mental health. Not some virtual friend you have never met live. That is also very dangerous which takes us to our next factor. We can not simply exist as some kind of internet-powered zombies. 


Technology has completely overshadowed our privacy. There are so many devices released constantly whose job is to gain information about us. Many apps track our location. Devices like Google Home and Alexa were also faced with massive controversy about their suspicious functions. Our digital tracks are public and we are being watched. Another example of this is how celebrities’ social media handles get hacked. Or how there have been instances where highly private information has been exposed to the public. 


Due to the ease of storing your contacts, dates, and passwords on your mobile phone, people have definitely stopped memorizing basic things. If we do not use a muscle we start to lose it. 

Although memorizing is not technically a muscle but our part of the brain which uses it might. It has become harder to memorize the amount of information we could. At times of emergency where we do not have access to any form of gadgets, we must have basic necessities like knowing a mobile number or safety rules. 

Last Words

Technology releases advanced innovation that makes a lot of our activities extremely easy and efficient. However, they also have unnecessary devices making us lazier and more dependent on them. 

Technology is magical element humans have created and upgraded over the years. It has made impossible things possible and has taken mankind to peaks never before even imagined. 

Yet, a society where big media companies know more about our personal information than most friends can not be safe. Technology is an amazing creation that houses the great potential for positive as well as negative impacts. 

What do you think? Is it a tool that has helped achieve more? Or is it something that has made us lazy and dull instead?

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