The aggressive market of cloud kitchen in Nepal.

Anyone on social media has surely noticed the increase in advertisements for food services. There are loads of accounts selling varying food delicacies. 

There has been a great rise in such services, and people seem to love them equally. Behind these are the workings of a cloud kitchen system. The food industry in Nepal is seeing changes brought by this system. So Let’s take a closer look at this trending system. 

What is a cloud kitchen?

So, what is cloud kitchen all about? Well, it is basically a restaurant but it doesn’t serve food on its premises. Cloud kitchens provide cooking facilities to food businesses. These premises are used to cook and send out delivery to different orders.

These cloud kitchens are basically online restaurants. Online orders are taken through websites and social media platforms, and the food is delivered to your doorstep. This is a greatly convenient method for both consumers and restaurant owners. Especially considering the COVID situation.

cloud kitchen delivery

The Effect of Cloud Kitchen

Cloud kitchen system comes hard and fast on the traditional restaurant system. They are the new revolution in the food industry of Nepal. They are a great competition towards traditional restaurants for multiple reasons.

Traditional restaurants need a lot more space than a cloud kitchen for numerous activities such as dining space, host stand, a bar, waiting area, restrooms for customers and workers. These spaces can be used as functional areas for the chef.

Traditional restaurants require hosts, servers, chefs, bartenders, maintenance personnel, and restaurant managers. In a cloud kitchen, you only need staff to prepare the food and managers to supervise the facility. This saves a lot of money for the owners as they can save up a lot of money on furniture and employers. 

The profit margin for cloud kitchen startups is higher than the amount a company earns once accounting for expenses like rent, staff wages, monthly utilities, and general maintenance. Traditional restaurants typically suffer smaller profit margins than restaurants based in cloud kitchens since traditional restaurants have so many additional overhead costs and startup expenses.

And of course during the pandemic people would rather order in at home than visit restaurants. This is why foodmandu has also seen a great boom! Similarly, restaurants would have to spend a lot on rent and salaries despite the low customers. This problem is completely eliminated in the cloud kitchen concept overshadowing traditional restaurants today. 

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Some Famous Cloud Kitchens in Nepal

Examples of such great up and coming cloud kitchen based food services in Nepal are:

EdoExpress – They have a very limited menu, only serving sushi in three different combos. They have seen a lot of purchases due to the great taste and affordable prices. They have almost 900 followers on Instagram!

Mothers Kitchen Nepal – This is a website that provides homemade food to our doorstep. They provide packed food to any amount of number, for small to big gatherings. They also offer half-cooked meals which the customers can make at home. 

UG Cakes – Bakery items are definitely the highest businesses adopting the cloud kitchen system. There are plenty of online bakeries serving on your doorstep. UG cakes are highly popular and definitely one of the best cloud kitchen start-ups. They have 48.3k followers on Instagram! 

Cloud Kitchen has been a great alternative to the traditional restaurant system after pandemics. It has come by storm to the food business industry in Nepal as well as globally.

However, it is not a viable option for people who love to hang out with friends and family. 

So what’s your view about this highly growing trend? 

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