The clubhouse is finally available in Nepal. But what is a clubhouse?

There seems to be an unlimited variety of social media applications. Facebook and Instagram being the most used ones currently. Now the Facebook account has almost become like an unofficial proof of identification. 

Nepal usually requires a bit of patience, since it takes time for these apps to launch in Nepal. And now, Clubhouse, a trending application is available in Nepal. But it’s not like any average social media platform, so what is it? And what makes it special?

CLUBHOUSE: What is it that makes it different?

The clubhouse is definitely one of the most unique social media apps to ever exist. The basic mold for a social media app is posting, pictures, video, or texts and following celebrities and their uploads. But with Clubhouse the mold itself is different. 

The clubhouse is an app where people hear conversations. There are rooms with people simply talking and discussing. The people are usually famous, interesting, or at least highly knowledgeable in their fields. It is basically like a podcast but people can raise a virtual hand and join in too if the creator of the room allows.

But, it can also be for fun with friends and does not always have to be formal. Hence it’s an audio chat social network. A room can be a huge group of up to 5000 people discussing serious topics or a couple of friends goofing around. 

Are there any pictures? Not at all, only a profile picture for each user. It has none of posting memes, pictures, or videos but solely for discussion. 

There is one more feature that makes it one of the most exclusive social media apps ever. You can not just simply download and sign in to the app, you need an invite! You need an invite from an existing Clubhouse user to get access to the app. Every new user gets to invite two people.

Why is it so famous?

So Clubhouse is an app where people talk, why is it such a big deal. And you can’t even sign in right away. What’s the trend? That is exactly what seems to make it so trendy. People like what they can’t have. Making the app invitees only Clubhouse made itself very exclusive and reduced lots of users. So, it definitely caught the eye of people and celebrities too. 

Now another reason which promoted Clubhouse amongst the public was when Elon Musk, highly popular, briefly world’s richest man, popped up in a clubhouse room in January 2021 followed by another close runner-up of the title, Bill Gates. They discussed everything from climate change to their favorite tv show on Netflix. Their appearances on the app brought in a lot of attention to the app.

Its star-studded users are definitely a reason for its popularity. Users like Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Hart, Jay Electronica, Oprah, and many more.

Its unique features are also definitely attracting all the attention. It is creative and different in almost every part of it as shown above. Even its icon is very creative. It does not have a fixed logo icon, it changes repeatedly and has a black and white picture of a person, usually, it is someone influential on the app.

Clubhouse updates

The clubhouse was an iOS only application when released in March 2020. And recently in May 2021 Clubhouse became available worldwide for Android users. It had been slowly expanding, reaching Japan, Brazil, Nepal and slowly reaching everywhere!

The clubhouse was quickly banned in China. It does not come as a surprise since it is an app for unfiltered discussion on topics with no limits. 

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Clubhouses are not all trendy and amazing. It has faced some criticism regarding many topics too.

Clubhouse’s Android version was available very late. On top of that, it has significant limitations such as lack of options to follow on topics, inability to create clubs, and more.

The clubhouse had suffered a data breach after a third-party developer in China tried to create an Android version of the app that wouldn’t require an invite.

It also faced issues regarding hate speech, violence, and abuse, so it had to institute community moderation guidelines. It made a foolish mistake of trusting the people on the internet

There is also a potential risk of privacy because the app records all the conversations. They do mention that they keep the recorded conversions only when complained. However, with data branches, hacking, or information in the wrong hands, anything could happen.

The Clubhouse App is quite new and fresh compared to other social media apps on the market but it does have its own dark sides too. Since the app is invite-based, even though it has been released globally many people can not get inside. 

In abroad there can be found some invites on sale online like on eBay but there are high risks of falling prey to scams. It is better to wait for an invite or wait in the app’s waitlist. Some people may want the app to not be invite based but then it is a special feature of the app

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