Top 10 successful startups in Nepal!

Startups in Nepal are quite popular in recent years. In a society where people prefer a stable career and where an ideal job is a government job, how well are startups in Nepal rising and sustaining? We can say that start-ups are doing quite great. Among the list of top 10 startups below, you will recognize most of them if not all! Which does speak lengths about their success.

startup in Nepal
1. Tootle
  • There is an unlikely chance that you have not heard of the ride-sharing app. Whether to go to hang out with your friends, returning from a party to avoid MAPASE or you did not find any cabs in a rush Tootle is here for you! This start-up by Sixit Bhatta has had a very impactful experience. It provides easy employment for people with a need for a license and an easier method of getting a ride. 
2. Mad honey
  • Dedicated to preserving the ancient cultures of honey-hunting, the mad honey sells traditionally hunted “Mad Honey” in Nepal as well as Worldwide. Their product is by local Gurung tribesmen. And the packaging is done with all the health certificates approved. 
3. Doko Recyclers
  • The Doko Recyclers aims to provide waste management services to help the environment. We usually don’t give so much as a second thought to the trash that we throw thinking that the garbage truck comes to pick it up. But doko provides doorstep recycling pickup services.
4. Fitbox
  • This creative service provides healthy home-cooked meals on the go for busy people who otherwise resort to junk foods. This subscription-based healthy meal packaging was founded by Denim Shrestha in 2018.
  • This one is definitely the most popular one here. Its amazing food delivery service has reached many people throughout the country. At times like this pandemic situation where people would rather order in from their homes, foodmandu has definitely helped them a lot.
6. Mero answer
  • Mero answer is a web and android app that aims in helping students. They guide students to prepare for entrance examinations like Medical and Engineering tests. They have mock tests, hints, and tricks, and personally generated questions. Mero answer currently has 3000 users among which 500 are paying.
 7.Sajilo Marmat Sewa
  • The website kickstarted from IdeaStudio Nepal, which aims in providing home services. Currently, it is providing different services such as plumbing, carpentering, and electrical difficulties. Sajilo Marmat Sewa provides employment for technicians to help users find a helper on the website. In 2018 their turnover was 83 lakhs.
8. Merojob
  • Merojob is aimed at finding eligible jobs for the users. This service acts as a bridge between job seekers and employers making it easier for both sides. The founder, Shailendra Raj Giri birthed this idea by his struggle of finding a job. 
9. Hamro Patro
  • This app can be found on most mother’s phones. In a westernized world where we follow the Gregorian calendar, it can be a bit tough for people who follow the Vikrami calendar. As major events and pujas are done by following the tithi dates rather than their English dates. This app has been quite popular for its digital Vikrami Calendar.
10. Mero Tarkari
  • Nepal’s first online grocery shop, Mero Tarkari provides fresh vegetables right to your doorstep. This is another one of many services that have been very helpful in the pandemic.

What makes a start-up successful?

As we can see from above there are many startups in Nepal that have gained a lot of popularity and success. So what is it that makes a start-up successful? 


The demand of society is one of the top priorities of a startup or any business organization. The demand for the product must be high and useful. If yet, there is no demand for the product it should at least have a high potential. 

There can be many reasons a product does not have any demand song which the top reason is because of awareness. For example, let’s look at Doko recyclers. There was no demand for recycling services but they spread a green message and awareness. Hence it raised their demand.

But Fit box observed the high demand for healthy alterations of food and they served the demand.


Price is definitely a major factor in determining success. People are only ready to buy what they can afford. An example of this can be that people prefer Pathao over others as it provides discount codes often. 

Cheaper rates attract customers to products that might even not be as necessary as they think they do. An example of this can be seen in stores like Miniso where the products don’t have any need but yet the customers feel like buying everything.


Apart from the rates and the demand for the product another important factor is its impact. Projects that intend on the goodwill and helpful impact also seem to gain popularity. Let’s look at the Mad Honey project for this. They support local tribesmen in earning through a digital platform which they can not do so by themselves. 


Customer Interaction
  • Customer Interaction is crucial in any sort of business. The creators should be aware of what the customers are seeing, and what they find attractive. Along with that what they are complaining about is another factor. It helps in enhancing and improving the project as it is coming straight from the consumer’s end. Many entrepreneurs might get too technical and not focus on the main target.
Prioritizing Factors
  • Many advice and suggestions are always distractive. Likewise, entrepreneurs might get too distracted by other people’s advice and suggestions. Hence focusing and prioritizing on the wrong section can be the downfall of any project. At the beginning of a start-up, the main focus should be internal operations and consumer marketing rather than networking or other flashy things.
  • No matter how good your start-up is if the people are not aware, it is impossible to gain progress. People should know about how your business will advantage them. Social media is playing a huge impact on the promotions of products and businesses. The easiest and effective way is social proof marketing. Many projects are sending gifts to celebrities which they promote to their followers. 
Lack of long term vision
  • A start-up will not immediately start its progress and raise profit. It takes a lot, and I mean a lot of time for a project to mature and develop. Entrepreneurs should set a monthly, annual, and 10-year goal rather than launching and waiting. But do not get demotivated. Many startups like metro tarkari have started to get a lot of hype because of the pandemic situation. So you never know when it can be your time to shine!

Well, these are a few key facts and analysis on the startups in Nepal. Hope you got more information about this famous growing, culture of the start-up in Nepal.

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