Top Classified Marketplaces in Nepal.

As the internet has changed many of our everyday requirements, shopping habit is one of the top ones. 

Avoiding long lines, crowded places, and traffic to have your purchases delivered to your doorstep is appealing to anyone. That is why eCommerce websites have been very popular lately. And among that, the classified marketplace in Nepal has its own customer base.

In Nepal too, there are many of these classified marketplaces. But which one is the most reliable and top-rated?


HamroBazar had to be the first on the list of top-rated marketplaces. 

It is the 8th most visited site in Nepal and everybody has at least heard of it if not used. It is a website that allows people to buy as well as sell products. Individuals or companies can easily take part.

The website usually features secondhand products at a cheap rate, and there is almost no limit to the range. Users can browse through electronics ranging from small to big like cars and automobiles, land, houses, furniture, and even pets. 

HamroBazar also has an Android app with a comfortable interface.


InternetPasal has been growing very quickly among users. It provides a safe space for people to buy and sell products.

A very beneficial feature is that it allows people to post advertisements for free! They also have an impressive range of products from fashion to land.

Kinbech Nepal

Kinbech is another one of the popular online classified marketplaces in Nepal. They allow users to buy, sell and even rent. They also take no charge in posting advertisements and do not take any commission. 

Kinbech has categories like Travel, Services like Tank Cleaning, and more on their website. Their website has a good interface and easy to use. 


Biskoon is mostly the customer to customer based marketing. It is specifically known for providing the best platform for advertisements and listing of products and services in local communities. To post an advertisement or listing simply, register an account on their website.

Chhito showcases ranging products at an affordable price in an easy manner for users. 

Everything about the products has to be mentioned in the description box instead of a separate category like many other platforms which makes it slightly complex. However, it is a great way to spot amazing deals.


Bigyapan is an all-rounder provider, for property, furniture, and even employees. 

The selling products can be new as well as second-hand. They also have a premium advertisement feature for sellers who want to highlight their listings on the website more.


Yohobazaar also does not charge anything for users who want to publish an advertisement. Advertisements can include services, products, and job vacancies. It is like a newspaper section but digital.

Basic User Guide

These online classified platforms are very simple and easy to use. All the websites follow a similar procedure to use which is:

  • Visit the website and register your account. You can most likely sign up using an email address and some may allow a mobile number too.
  • Fill in your details like mobile number, name, and who you would like to continue as, a buyer or a seller?
  • If you continued as a buyer, you can now easily browse through the website and look for what you want. If you find something interesting, there are details about the product/service and you can contact the seller. Some websites can let you chat on the website itself whereas on others you may have to contact the seller yourself.
  • If you are a seller, you can upload a listing or an advertisement of your choice. Make sure you enter all accurate and detailed descriptions to avoid any confusion. Some websites let you categorize if the prices are negotiable or non-negotiable which makes the process easy.
  • Uploading your mobile number to the Internet as a seller will result in many calls. So, be aware of this as it is a common problem faced by many. Because most of the callers end up not buying.

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These classified marketplaces have made a positive impact. It has made buying and selling both highly easy for us. 

There is often an inconvenient gap between buyers and sellers on the Internet as well as outside the internet. These platforms have been a bridge to this gap making it easier for both sides. Sellers and Buyers can easily find, contact, and serve each other all through the internet.

Another helpful part of these is that most of them do not charge any commission for advertisements as well as for buying. This is one of the best features.

There are premium options to highlight some over others available for interested people. But at the basic level, everything is completely free of charge.

The days of going through traffic to shop, bargaining, circling job opportunities in the newspaper, and paying a lot of money for publishing advertisements are really in the past now. These online classified marketplaces have made our lives easier.

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