Websites of Government: 5 major misunderstandings

We all have been there, seen that and got disappointed every time. We are questioning what Government of Nepal is doing wrong in their websites.

1. Stupid and Scary Sounding Domain Name

All government domains in Nepal are stupid acronyms of Full name of their Institution. For example, can you guess which agency is behind this government domain, We did not know it either before landing into their site. This domain belongs to the office of the prime minister. But why so scary? They could easily get a domain like

2. The Flag of Nepal that waves

Website of Nepal Government are incomplete and unofficial until and unless there is GIF image of the flag of nepal that looks like it waves. It is irritating to a normal human being. But for the government of Nepal, this is one way of officiating their website. GIF have already become obsolete, expect for the memes. But not for Nepal Government.

3. The Blue and White and Red Branding Guideline

It is written nowhere, that the website should follow the red, white and blue guidelines. But Nepalese love the flag so much. It is considered so unsocial and anti-nationalist if you ever design a website not following the red, blue and white standards. We are offering a bounty program for people who find a Nepal Government website that does not follow the given pattern. Let us know in comments.

4. Website is like a Book

Government of Nepal is still in “Hard Back book” mentality. They consider that a website is an online book that should look like a physical book. That is why it has a “Message from the Director” published in the front of the website. The message is usually blunt and does not really say anything. It is usually a snippet from the last public lecture the DG gave somewhere. But god or government knows why is it important to put a message from the DG. This is also the reason why you will never find updated information in government sites. They don’t know that a website has to be updated almost everyday.

5. A Marquee is a must !

All government sites are mandatory to have a marquee of some stupid information going around. Marquee is a text that runs across the website. If you dont know see any nepal government site and you will see a little text running from Right to left (Its important) thats marquee. NASDAQ or SENSEX kind of website use Marquee like text to crunch the amount of information they need to flow. But for government it is absolute nonsense.

Tell us what you liked and what you think is not right in the comments.

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