What if Nepal starts to manufacture and assemble mobile phones?

What if Nepal starts to manufacture and assemble mobile phones?

Nepal has been developing and progressing in ranging fields lately. Technological advancements that are the most crucial ones for any country are also growing in Nepal. 

Amidst this, the news on Nepal manufacturing mobile phones seems to be popping up. Assembling and manufacturing mobile phones in our country itself is going to have many positive impacts on the country, the government, the economy, and the people. 


Chairman of NTA, Purshottam Khanal had announced that a study has been started to produce mobile phones in Nepal. This study will look deep into topics related to assembling and refurbishing mobile phones in ways that can support the country as well as the people through industrial-oriented businesses. 

NTA spokesperson Min Prasad Aryal said that the authorities have already formed a task force for the study. There are some impressive representatives on this task force such as the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ministry of Finance representatives of the Mobile IMporters Association Independent experts, and representatives of the Authority itself.

This quick action & well-thought taskforce has the potential for finding and creating something big. 

Mr. Aryal also cleared that the task force will study international practice, the current situation, the tax system. They had also appointed a consultant to study the feasibility of manufacturing mobiles in Nepal under the government schemas. 

Well, this does raise hope, as the related officials seem to be well planned and formulated. 

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There are many benefits to ensue after this great news. Some more obvious, other, more long term.

1. Cheaper Price

The biggest benefit from locally produced products is the more affordable prices. Mobile phones are quite expensive in Nepal compared to the international market. There are varying Mobile phones in the market all with ranging but high prices. But with the manufacturing process happening in Nepal itself might change the current scenario of mobile prices.

2. Employment

The mobile manufacturing setup will most likely be an industrialized manner.

These big industries and production will need people to maintain and use them. Hence this is sure to provide employment opportunities to a lot of people at once. And this again is great for the people as well the economy of the country. 

3. Economy

Customs statistics show that about Rs 24Billion worth of gadgets have been imported to Nepal last year alone. Now, this type of money coming in through our local production is going to be very beneficial to the economy. Technology is always a great investment since it is inevitable these days.

4. Local Technicians

Having our own manufacturing company also means that our Nepalese scientists can yield the results of their technology right here. Engineers and Innovators who usually have to go abroad to implement their technological studies can now be done right here. This means our Nepalese designers, programmers, engineers, and developers.

These are some general benefits we can expect if the manufacturing projects are a success. There must be many more without a doubt. Nepal is rising and developing technologically which is a great thing. Mobile phones manufactured in Nepal mean we do not have to depend on international countries to release and export here. We can make our own! We hope that the project is a success and is activated as soon as possible. 

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