What is Covid Connect Nepal?

Currently, Nepal is going through a very dangerous state with the second wave of the COVID-19 virus rising high. The average number of cases in a week is around 8000. There is a shortage of hospital beds and Oxygen tanks that is making the scenario worse. At a time of such crisis, there have been some platforms that have risen to provide as much help and awareness as possible. 

Covid Connect Nepal

Covid Connect Nepal is a volunteer-run platform that was initiated to connect assistance providers and seekers. They also aim to publish credible data and information about the Covid-19 status quo in Nepal. This website helps in mapping live demands for Covid-19 essentials like hospital beds and oxygen tanks which are in a shortage right now. There is also a special feature that allows people to submit anonymous tips about mismanagement.

How to request?

People in need of a bed or oxygen can request it by filling out a form. They can also post the urgency of their situation so that the ones who need it the most can get it first. This helps in setting priorities and helps the ones in dire need.

The platform displays all the received requests for its visitor in search of a potential helper. People who can and willing to help can easily do so by clicking the “Offer help” button and filling a quick form with the required details.

They also have hotline numbers for support: 9843389412(6 am to 8 am), 9842863093 (8 am to 11 am ) 

This platform makes it slightly easier for people to call for help and give them a platform to request their needs. It makes people who are willing to help find an uncorrupted way to do so, and it will help save many lives. This platform has been able to provide for 362-bed requests, 226 oxygen requests, and 25 vehicle requests.

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CovidNepal is another website that aims to provide all the necessary data regarding the virus in Nepal. They provide a current status of the number of cases, recovered, and deaths In addition to this they have reliable information on their site regarding where to get tested and when. Another highly helpful function they have is the Hospital Capacity Data. they are an all-in-one platform for news and queries regarding the virus. They have Government Notices, press releases, and myth-buster sub-sections. 

This is highly effective in educating the public quickly and will help them receive reliable news updates.

Another highly helpful factor is they also act as a bridge between people who are willing to help the frontline workers and the workers who have expressed the need for help. This makes sure the brave heroes of today are getting the maximum help they can.

The Small World

Nepal Emergency COVID-19 fund is a fund started by The Small World. They recognized that Nepal, a country that ranks 111 in health security index would be facing a more severe impact than most countries. The Small World distributed face masks, soap, and education regarding social distancing and hand washing. They are also feeding nutritious meals to children in need. They have an open fund where people can donate, currently, they have set a goal of $50,000 and they have reached $38,240

With the raised money they intend to provide food, shelter, and health help to vulnerable children every day. You can visit and donate them here.

Volunteer heroes

Formal National Taekwondo player, Mohan Sweekar, Auto Drivers, and Social Activists from Dang has converted local Autos into Ambulances. At a chaotic time where there is a high demand for ambulances, they have been of great help for people who were unable to get the ambulance service. Mohan started this campaign with 9 Autos and they provide help to almost 100 patients daily. They follow safety protocols with PPE suits, face masks, and face shields. This program was launched with official permission and cooperation. It shows the potential of utilizing the potential materials you have. 

Oxygen For Nepal

Creation group, Nepal Share, 100’s Group, and Animal Nepal are coordinating a project associated with the COVID Alliance for Nepal. They aim to provide oxygen tanks to the needy and try to avoid the oxygen shortage as much as possible. This initiative is currently operating in Kathmandu but with adequate funds, it will soon be extended to Birgunj, Nepalgunj, and other locations.

Hospitals and individuals in need of oxygen need to submit a verification letter or a doctor’s prescription and can reach out to them at 9801309085 or 9861116456.

These organizations and volunteers have made us regain faith and hope in humanity. They are one of the brave heroes of Nepal who are helping patients and hospitals alike.

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