What is Telecom’s VoLTE service and how to get it?

Now Nepal Telecom has started Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service in Nepal. The telecom sector in Nepal seems to be unstoppable lately, with so many new services and upgrades well on its way. 

From testing of 5G services, onboard WiFi and Mobile Money, this new venture that the telecom sector is exploring is related and aimed at providing HD quality on voice calls. 

Let us take a better look at what VoLTE means and what this could mean for us.

What is VoLTE?

VoLTE stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution. 

Before understanding the Voice over part, LTE is a standard for wireless broadband communications. It increases the capacity and speed using a radio interface together with core network improvements. This technology is what made 4G networks possible.

Voice over LTE is an advanced technology that delivers very high-quality sound over voice calls by reducing background noise. These audio are meant to be as life-like as possible. 

This technology delivers audio across the NT 4G Network. This means that the voice passes through the data network for the voice service. It is basically like using Viber or Skype but you use your number with 4G network.

VoLte is not only limited to calls but the users can also surf at 4G speeds even while being on a phone call. This means simultaneous usage of HD voice as well as LTE data.

The call setup is also a faster process with this development and more innovative solutions will follow because customers will have access to next-generation services.

VoLTE service in Nepal

Nepal Telecom has released this new feature after ensuring that all the 77 districts of Nepal have a 4G connection. 

To use this service, it needs to be enabled by both the set manufacturer of the telecom and the mobile manufacturer. Not every 4G LTE network will have this feature right now. 

The customer should also be carrying a VoLTE supporting mobile phone to use this service. Currently, VoLTE service is available in NTC SIM only. But there is a good chance of Ncell bringing in this service too.

Currently, NTC has released a variety of mobile phones that are compatible which includes brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Nokia. This is a very limited number of brands as there are many Apple and One Plus users too. But they have said that they are working with all handset suppliers to bring VoLTE support to the excluded brands. 

How to activate VoLTE service on my SIM and device?

The steps to activating the VoTE service in your NTC SIM card is by:

Dial *444# and Select Activate VoLTE option

After activating the VoLTE on your SIM Card, you have to activate the service on your mobile device as well through the system settings. Some new devices and software versions may not have an activation option in the settings, because it is automatically turned on. You will find a VoLTE icon on the top of your smartphone screen once activated. You can also dial *111# to verify if you are on VoLTE.

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How much does this charge? 

VoLTE service is free! 

It does not charge any additional cost for VoLTE service and they will also not consume any data. It will be charged as per your normal calls without any extra cost to data usage.

Another exciting news with the launch is that Nepal Telecom is providing free 100 minutes of VoLTE call on the first activation and this offer will be valid for 28 days.

Nepal Telecom is on its way to providing a better network for all its users. This VoLTE service means no more screaming loudly on the phone and having a hard time hearing the person over their dogs barking. 

VoLTE service is going to make phone calls way more smoother and helpful. The audio quality is said to be so high that it will feel like the person on the other line is right next to you. Now we need to see for ourselves how true that is. 

Soon more Telecommunication companies will surely release this service too and everyone will have access to this amazing service.

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