What to expect from Mahabir Pun’s TV show ‘Aaviskar’?

Although Nepal is a developing country the leap it has taken on technology is a different story. Yet there is a need for more technological awareness & the spread of digitization. 

There have been many people in Nepal who have addressed this need. However, a handful of people have contributed to this. And Mahabir Pun is one such person who is contributing to the technological innovation in Nepal. 

aaviskar tv show

Who is Mahabir Pun?

Mahabir Pun is a scientist, activist, social entrepreneur, and teacher. He is known for his extensive work in applying wireless technology in attempts to develop rural parts of our country. 

He has gained not only local but international recognition too. Awarded with the Magsaysay award in 2007, he is a well-known community leader. For the record, the Magsaysay award is equivalent to the Asian Nobel prize. 

While teaching computers to rural villagers, he came across a dilemma of reaching the internet and communicating to the nearest city, Pokhara. He emailed the BBC and they publicized his story Donors and volunteers pitched in to help develop a connection using antennas placed in trees. This act speaks volumes about his sheer and pure passion to develop Nepal. He has nothing but the will to help Nepal reach the destination of innovation. 

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National Innovation Center Nepal

Mahabir recognized the loss that Nepal was facing. Students aiming to go to international colleges are causing the loss of manpower from Nepal. He saw that it was not the active youth leaving but potential Nepalese scientists. Simply a section of youth who could lead Nepal to innovation and development. And he decided to take action. 

Pun led the initiative to register a nonprofit organization named “Rashtriya Abiskar Kendra”. Established in 2012 it is also known as the National Innovation Center in English. 

Its primary goal is to foster research and development for the economic development of the country. Mahabir worked with the government for funding of the project which did not happen. Instead of giving up or dreaming a smaller dream, he took matters into his own hands.


Since July 2016, Mahabir has been running a crowdfunding campaign to fund National Innovation efforts. National Innovation Center crowdfunding campaign plans to build a 10MW hydropower station, which according to the initiative would sustainably fund its running cost. Hence making this project sustainable. They plan to sell the electricity to the country and generate money for the Center. Mahabir has got social attraction with his donation of land for the National Innovation Center. He has not spared a single effort into making

The vision of this project is to introduce and settle a research and development culture in Nepal. An interesting characteristic of this Center which makes it a promising future is that it has taken both top-down & bottom-up tactics. They provide tools and information to rural places to support their innovations. 

And after the National Innovation Center, Mahabir Pun is coming up with a TV show ‘Aaviskar’.

What to expect from the show ‘Aaviskar’?

The TV show Aaviskar is set to air on the Galaxy 4K TV soon. Aaviskar intends to promote and inform the audience about great technological advancements. It will be a research-type show featuring different projects related to innovation.

With a lot of eyeballs garnered towards Aaviskar, it has a great potential to make people aware of the work by “Rashtriya Abiskar Kendra”. 

But what exactly can we expect from the show?

Well, I have my calculations and expectations from the show. Since I am following Mahabir Pun for a long time I believe the show would provide a platform for talented and creative Nepalese in Nepal.

A large section of Nepalese is unaware of major technological advancements. So I believe this tv show ‘Aaviskar’ will helps in bridging that gap.

Mahabir Pun is a messiah to Nepalese innovation and the digital community. He has worked on not one, not two but many different projects aimed at making Nepal more successful. 

Hence with more reach with the medium of television, the show is expected to spread digital awareness and populate technology. Especially in the rural region. 

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