While Microsoft is Retiring Internet Explorer, let us see which are the famous internet browsers used in Nepal.

As time goes by, the internet is getting more and more crucial. According to the reports of Datareportal, more than 4.5 billion people were using the internet at the beginning of 2020. And as of 2020, there were 10.21 million internet users in Nepal, increasing by 315 thousand than the previous year. So among these many users, web browsers are the most used tool. 

Web browsers, basically the backbone of the Internet, are fundamental things for internet users. And now Microsoft’s first web browser, Internet Explorer is retiring after June 15. Once popularly used internet explorer is now replaced by many competitors. 

So today let’s take a look at the current most popular web browsers used in Nepal.

Web Browser

Let us properly understand what a web browser is first. 

Many people mistake web browsers for search engines. Search engines is a website that provides links to other websites servers and pages. But to connect to a website, a web browser must be installed. 

A web browser is an application that lets people access the world wide web, a one-click window to the entirety of human knowledge. A web browser can be considered the backbone of the Internet. 

Created by Sir Tim Berners Lee, WorldWideWeb is the first-ever web browser. Later, with the release of Mosaic, also known as the world’s first popular browser the world wide web was much easier to use. Then came internet explorer followed by many of today’s current web browsers. 

Popular web browsers in Nepal 

According to Statcounter, from April 2020 to April 2021, the highest browser market share in Nepal was GoogleChrome with 84% followed by Safari at 5.88% and Firefox at 3.13%.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the highly used web browsers today. It has many impressive features which make using it very smooth and easy for example full google account integration, robust feature set, thriving extension ecosystem, and a reliable suite of apps. 

Signing in to your Google account on one device can retrieve all your bookmarks, saved data, etc.

It even introduces new features with updates. For example, a recent feature added was the grouping and organizing of tabs. With color coding and being able to hide tabs these updates makes surfing and researching clean and organized.


Although it is not the fastest browser available, Safari is also pretty highly used. This is probably because it is the default browser in Apple Products and most people tend to use Apple. 

Since safari is integrated into iOS and macOS it will save a lot of battery life thanks to their optimization. Safari also does have a good privacy and security system and if you also use an iPad, iPhone with a Mac then using safari on your mac will be a very seamless transition.


The Mozilla Firefox browser also boasts some modern features and ease of surfing through its upgrade to Firefox Quantum, virtual-based alternative Firefox Reality, and password-free browsing.

Firefox recently went through some changes and upgrades. The Firefox Quantum is designed to leverage multicore processors in ways that other browsers are not. Although users doing a quick browse will not notice much change it is a great way to prepare for the future. 

It also has great privacy protection aided by its anti-tracker support, improved password syncing across devices, better readability, integrated breach alerts, and more.

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Top browsers globally

Globally there are many more browsers used.

According to digitaltrends the top 5 Web Browsers are:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Microsoft Edge, among others.

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